Hair Transplant Results

Hair Transplant Before & After Photos

Our Budapest hair clinic is specialised in hair transplantation exclusively, for more than 10 years. Our surgeons have made several inventions in the field of hair restoration.

We have performed over 1,000 hair transplant procedures with outstanding results for English, French and Hungarian patients.

David’s hair transplant before and after photos

Hair Transplant Surgery

David had been losing his hair since his early 20s. Over the years, we have carried out 3 hair transplant surgeries in his case, to restore his hairline and the density of his hair.

I am so happy with my results and could never have expected them to be this great. It has given loads more confidence.”

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Regis’ hair transplant before and after photos

Regis before after hairtransplant

We have transplanted 4000 hairs for Regis to restore a dense and natural hairline. 12 months after the procedure, the result was complete and Regis looked 6 years younger!

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Nick’s hair transplant before and after photos

“The Hair Palace results speak for themselves and this is just my first treatment of a two treatment plan. I could not be happier. I feel like a new person and now the real me is looking back at me in the mirror again.

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Bartlomiej’s hair transplant before and after photos

Bartlomiej had his hair transplant with us back in 2017. We have implanted 6397 hairs to achieve the hairline he had in mind. He experienced exemplary regrowth – with the FUE, up to 90-95% of the transplanted hairs grow back!

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Valko’s hair transplant before and after photos

In his 2-day procedure, Valko had 6000 hairs transplanted. We have refilled his frontal area in order to recreate the hairline he had lost over the years. His pictures prove how significant changes can be achieved with the procedure!

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Ezra’s hair transplant before and after photos

Ezra had 5057 hairs transplanted with the FUE2 SafeSystem method at HairPalace. This number of hairs was necessary to restore the density across the top of the scalp. A year after his surgery, he was happy to have even density and a natural, youthful look again!

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Stuart’s hair transplant before and after photos

Stuart had already had a FUT hair transplant 4 years prior to his surgery with us. With the second treatment, the goal was to fill up the triangles at the temples, and minimally correct his hairline. By his final check-up, Stuart was satisfied with the outcome – his photo shows a stronger hairline and a great density at the front!

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Franck’s hair transplant before and after photos

This patient needed 6097 hairs transplanted. The majority of the follicles were placed to the front to build out the hairline with good density. A smaller number was used to improve the density in the crown area.

Franck has returned to our clinic since for his second surgery to finish the crown and achieve the result he was looking for.

These fantastic results are only some examples of hair transplant treatments, which helped so many people to find a permanent solution for their hair loss and regain their natural hairstyle and self-confidence.

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Yohann’s hair transplant before and after photos

On the 7-8th of April 2018, Yohann had 6036 hairs transplanted with us.  The hairs have grown out in a great number, providing a natural density.

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Your hair is growing thinner and thinner? Would you like to regain your natural look?

Hair transplant is the best way to restore your hair. With the FUE Safe System method, we can achieve natural results fitting the patients’ unique needs.


Jessy’s hair transplant before and after photos

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Tom’s hair transplant before and after photos

Tom had 2 hair surgeries at HairPalace.  In his first session, we have rebuilt his hairline and frontal area with 4402 follicles. In the second procedure, we continued with his crown and used 2581 hairs to improve the density. A year after his 2nd surgery, he was happy with the coverage we achieved!

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Sam’s hair transplant before and after photos

In Sam’s case, our experts implanted 5056 hairs to the frontal zone to even out the density on the top of the head. They placed the follicles one by one, making sure not to damage the hairs he still had in the area.

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Cyril’s hair transplant before and after photos

Cyril contacted us back in 2014. He had a FUT surgery 2 years prior, however, he was not completely happy with the outcome. We transplanted 6000 hairs, mainly to the hairline to achieve the goal he was looking for. We were happy to learn a year later, that he is completely satisfied with his hair transplant result.

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Jerome’s hair transplant before and after photos

Jerome’s goal was to fill up the triangles at the front and restore his hairline that crawled back over the years. We transplanted 6342 hairs in total, to create a dense hairline fitting the shape of his face.

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Chris’ hair transplant before and after photos

Take a look at the following before & after photographs so you can see how effective a hair transplant procedure can be, and how incredibly natural the new hair looks

Chris had 2447 hairs transplanted to correct his hairline. He didn’t regret his decision –  a year later, he had the dense, natural hairline he had been dreaming of!

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Toby’s hair transplant before and after photos

Toby’s hair loss affected the frontal area. On the first picture, you can see that he had some hairs in the mid-front, but his hairline above the temples have crawled back. The second photo was taken at his 1-year check-up: the 6386 hairs provided great coverage and a natural look!

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Jon’s hair transplant before and after photos

Jon had his FUE2 surgery with us in 2019 when he had 6024 follicles transplanted. His final check-up revealed great regrowth –  the transplanted hairs grew back in excellent number, providing him with great coverage.

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