Hair Transplant Cost

How much is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant cost depends on various factors from the number of hairs or grafts needed, to the hair transplant method of choice.

On average, hair transplant prices start at £3-4000 and can be up to £15000 in the UK.

Which is the most important factor that defines hair transplant cost? 

The cost of the hair transplant is made up of several components. It reflects the costs of labour, medication, and equipment involved in the procedure, just to name a few.

Plus, the different hair transplant methods come at different price tags.

The most important factor that determines how much the hair transplant costs is the number of hairs or grafts you need for the full head of hair of your dreams.

Patients with moderate hair loss, in stages 2 and 3 on the Norwood scale, are likely to need a few thousand hairs only. This keeps the average cost of hair transplant about £3-6000 in the UK.

Male pattern hair loss 1 – Moderate hair loss

Sessions Grafts/hairs Cost in the UK Cost in Hungary
1 1000/2000 £ 3358 £ 1690
1 1500/3000 £ 4832 
£ 2350

However, patients with more extensive hair loss, stages 4-7 on the Norwood scale will need more follicles. As a result, they can expect the hair transplant price to be higher, around £7-12000 in the UK.

Hair loss 2 – Extensive hair loss

Sessions Grafts/hairs Cost in the UK Cost in Hungary
1 2000/4000 £ 6305 £ 2990
1 2500/5000 £ 7779 
£ 3490
1 3000/6000 £ 9042 £ 3890

What are grafts and how many do you need of them?

Hairs naturally grow in groups called grafts, or follicular units. During the hair transplants, these grafts are extracted and then implanted to the areas affected by hair loss. 

Each graft contains 1-3 hairs. The number of hairs the grafts contain on average is the graft-hair ratio. 

How many grafts you need is not an easy question to answer, as it is heavily affected by individual aspects. 

It is crucial to consider the size of the area you would like to treat, the result you expect, and the quality of your hair, including your graft-hair ratio. 

The graft-hair ratio is different in each case; 1500 grafts can contain 2000 follicles for one patient and 3000 for another. After the surgery the hair strands will be visible, so the graft-hair ratio can make a significant difference. 

For a precise estimation tailored to your needs, the best way is an in-depth consultation with our experts.

But while a precise estimation requires thorough assessment, the Norwood scale used to classify the extent of hair loss can give a ballpark figure. 

A Norwood 2-3 case typically needs between 500-1500 grafts equalling 1000-3000 hairs.

In Stages 4-5 on the Norwood scale, the hair loss is more extensive. Subsequently, patients usually require 1500-3000 grafts, or 3-6000 follicles to achieve a full head of hair. 

Norwood 6-7 patients tend to need 3000 grafts (around 6000 hair strands) and above. At this stage, it is not uncommon that 2 hair transplant sessions are needed for good coverage.

Though several other factors will influence how much you will have to pay for your procedure, the number of grafts is a good indicator.

Generally speaking, the more grafts you need, the higher is the average cost of hair transplant that you can expect. 

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Which hair transplant method do we recommend?

There are many hair transplant methods available on the market for those struggling with male pattern baldness. The most popular ones are the FUT or strip method, the FUE, and the FUE2 Safe System. 

Among others, the methods differ in complexity, in the benefits they offer, which affects the average cost of hair transplant.

With years of experience in its use, at HairPalace clinic we recommend our patients the FUE2 Safe System without reservation.

The FUE2 was brought to life by perfecting the standard FUE technique.

The problem with the FUE was that the sharp tool often cut the grafts during the extraction, leading to lower success rates.

The FUE2 introduced the blunt punch to prevent damaging the grafts during the extraction.

FUE2 hair transplant method

Healthier grafts have better chances to anchor and survive. As a result, patients can enjoy outstanding success rates with up to 95-98% of the implants growing back after the FUE2 hair transplant.

Another considerable feat of the FUE2 is that it does not leave large, linear scars like the FUT technique. As such, it allows patients the freedom to choose shorter hairstyles after the hair transplant.

FUE hair transplant costs are normally higher than the cost of FUT procedures. However, the hair transplant methods affect not only how much you have to pay but the outcome too.

For more information on the techniques, take a look at our detailed guide!

How much will my hair transplant cost at HairPalace clinic?

We offer the hair transplant surgery in 3 locations: in London, in Paris and in Budapest. 

Patients looking for hair restoration procedures can expect the hair transplant cost in our London clinic to be around £3 per graft. 

Naturally, the precise price of the hair transplant depends on how many hairs you need. In London, we charge between £1989 and £9042 for packages with 1000 to 6000 hairs respectively. 

Compared to the UK, living expenses and wages are much lower in Hungary. 

As we can operate a high-end hair transplant clinic at more reasonable costs, we can offer our patients the same procedure for lower rates.

Package Number of hairs to be implanted Package price in London Package price in Budapest
Package 2000 2000 £ 3358 £ 1690
Package 3000 3000 £ 4832 £ 2350
Package 4000 4000 £ 6305 £ 2990
Package 5000 5000 £ 7779 £ 3490
Package 6000 6000 £ 9042 £ 3890

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Do you offer hair transplant finance?

Hair transplant finance is available, helping you to fit the cost of the hair transplant into your budget. 

Our patients preferred finance option is the Post Office Personal Loan.

Repayments start from as low as £90 per month but will vary depending on the amount and the terms of the loan.

Finance options can enable you to have the hair transplant you look for without delay and spread the hair implant cost over a longer period. But it is important to research your options if you consider a personal loan to finance your hair transplant.

(For more information about the Post Office Personal Loans and their Fast Checker visit their page here.)

What is included in your hair transplant package?

Whether you choose our clinic in London or Budapest, the price of your hair transplant will include your hair transplant with the FUE2 method, the medication, appropriate clothes for the surgery, lunch on the surgery day(s), and accommodation.

We also provide a written guarantee on each hair transplant we carry out and offer the post-op check-ups free of charge.

If you choose our clinic in Budapest, however, we offer a more comprehensive package considering the journey you take on.

The quoted price of the hair transplant will also include the accommodation and the airport transfers for 2, as well as the interpreter for the surgery days to ensure communication without language barriers.

How to save thousands of pounds on your hair transplant cost without compromising on quality?

Hungary is a very popular destination for foreign patients who would like to have a high-quality hair transplant for a cheaper price.

Hair Transplantation cost Hungary

The EU has unified healthcare standards across all member nations within the past two decades, which ensures you will receive the same professional care and results in a Central-European country as you would in Britain – only at a much lower rate.

You can reach Budapest by plane cheaply and conveniently, and enjoy a secure, safe, English-friendly service. Our colleagues are incredibly professional, experienced, and committed to the very highest levels of service.

Over 10,000 people from Western Europe visit Budapest for healthcare treatment, including hair transplants.

With HairPalace Hair Transplant Clinic, you can rest assured that you’re in the safest hands. Our surgeons have more than 10 years’ experience performing FUE transplants and are seasoned experts with hundreds of treatments behind them. 

On top of all this, you will also get to see the beauty of Budapest during your stay!

If you want to receive cheaper but high-quality medical services, the best choice would be the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Hungarian doctors offer world-famous healthcare services. Moreover, health tourism is one of the most popular services in Budapest. 

As you can see, we provide a varied portfolio of FUE2 Safe System solutions to suit your unique situation, and there are significant savings to be made by paying in cash. 

We are passionate about delivering the most transparent, compassionate service in the industry. Nobody cares more about your satisfaction than HairPalace Hair Transplant Clinic.

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  • How much is a hair transplant?

    The cost of the hair transplant is always defined by the individual qualities and needs of the patient. After an in-depth consultation, our experts can advise you accurately about the price of the hair transplant and the procedure. We offer the consultation free of charge and obligation.

  • How much does a hair transplant cost in the UK?

    Hair transplant costs in the UK are relatively high, with clinics typically charging £2-4 per graft.
    At our clinic in London, we offer packages between 1000 and 6000 hairs, with hair transplant prices starting at £1989.

  • How much does a hair transplant cost in Hungary?

    In Hungary, hair transplant prices are considerably lower than in the UK.
    At our clinic in Budapest, we offer the same high standards you would find in UK-based private clinics. With hair transplants available for £1490 – £3890, the FUE hair transplant costs are much more affordable.

  • Why is hair transplant cheap abroad?

    In countries where the wages and the general living expenses are lower than in the UK, clinics can offer the hair transplants considerably cheaper.
    But as the results of the hair transplant are permanent, it is important to ensure that the clinics provide quality procedures and meet the healthcare standards you are familiar with.