Hair Transplant Myths: 4 Common Misconceptions

  • The Worst Advices We’ve Ever Heard About Hair Transplant

For many people, hair is a defining part of their character. They may spend hours each week washing and styling it, getting it ‘just right’. Society’s views of hair affect this, too. After all, a full head of hair is often considered a mark of […]

How to find the Right Hair Transplant for You

  • How to find the right hair transplant

Choosing the right hair transplant for you is easier said than done. Deciding whether to actually go through with the surgery or not demands careful thought, while actually finding the ideal clinic can be a long process too. How do you do that? There are […]

5 Hollywood Celebs who got Hair Transplants

Hair transplants have helped thousands of men regain a youthful head of hair, including some of the most well-known faces in film and television. Famous figures transformed by hair transplant surgery include actors, sports stars, singers, and more. Thicker, healthier hair has changed their entire […]

5 Common Questions about Hair Transplants

  • 5 most common questions about hair transplant

Advances in hair loss hair transplantation surgery offer a permanent solution to baldness. You need to be careful about where you research these cutting-edge options, though: while plenty of websites cover hair loss and claim to provide reliable information, many of them lack trustworthy credentials. […]

Celebrities and Hair Transplants

In our celebrity-fixated world, appearance can be everything. We’ve all seen the looks of stars like Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Lindsay Lohan subject to relentless discussion time and again. This constant scrutiny can lead famous men and women alike to undergo cosmetic […]