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Hair Transplant Birmingham

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Are you looking for a Birmingham hair transplant clinic for your hair restoration treatment?

Have your treatment at the best hair transplant clinic in Europe. See our results below:

HairPalace carries out all surgeries at our clinic in Hungary equipped with cutting-edge technology.

FUE Hair Transplant Birmingham Packages to Hungary

hairpalace hair clinic

Our experts in the Birmingham hair transplant clinic are ready to ensure your comfort and satisfaction from Birmingham to Hungary.

A personal consultant will be guiding you throughout the entire process, from the moment you leave the UK till the moment you arrive back with your new hair.

HairPalace clinic in Budapest offers all-inclusive packages for patients seeking a FUE hair transplant in Birmingham.

Better yet, with HairPalace you don’t need to spend a smaller fortune to regain your hair. With a short trip to Budapest, you can save up to 70% on your Birmingham hair transplant cost.

You can receive the same high-quality treatment you would in the UK while saving thousands of pounds, and enjoying the beauty of the Hungarian capital.

Contact the HairPalace team to find out more about our offers, and learn everything about your travel to Hungary, and the surgery itself.

Hair transplant in the UK to Hungary

Save 70% on your Birmingham hair transplant

Wherever you go in Western Europe, and the UK, you will find that hair transplant prices are absurdly high.

HairPalace offers all-inclusive hair transplant packages at reasonable prices:

Number of implanted hairsCost in the UKSpecial price at HairPalace
1000 grafts/2000 hairs£ 3358£ 2190 £ 1990
1500 grafts/3000 hairs £ 4832£ 2290 £ 2090
2000 grafts/4000 hairs£ 6305£ 2390 £ 2190
2500 grafts/5000 hairs£ 7779£ 2490 £ 2290

Why choose Hairpalace

  • Free consultation
  • Fast recovery time
  • Natural results
  • Completely pain-free procedures
  • Certified surgeons
  • Rapid recovery
  • No hidden costs
  • English speaking coordinators
  • 98% success rate

The right surgical team for your Birmingham hair transplant

Our clinic works with board-certified hair transplant surgeons who have decades of experience with various hair loss treatments.

All of them work exclusively with FUE hair transplants and the treatment of male pattern baldness.

HairPalace hair transplant doctors

Hair Transplant Birmingham reviews

See what our Birmingham hair transplant patients said about hair restoration at HairPalace.

Learn more about the HairPalace hair transplant experience through the story of Weam.

What makes us different?

At HairPalace we’re dedicated to providing the best treatment for our patients from the treatment to the ongoing aftercare.

We pride ourselves on having a patient-first approach. This means that we always tailor our treatment to the individual and only carry out treatments that we deem necessary and right for the patient.

Most of our patients find us through reference, which is a testament to the stunning work done by our surgical team.

The HairPalace hair transplant process

Your hair transplant journey with HairPalace will look like this:

1. Initial consultation

Your hair transplant surgery starts with a free hair transplant consultation.

We carry out consultations online through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp.

During the meeting, you will talk to one of our hair transplant surgeons, who will answer your questions.

We will examine your current hair loss, and create a personalized treatment plan for you.

The surgeon will draw your proposed hairline, and you will get a final hair transplant price.

2. Blood test

Your hair transplant Turkey cost may not include the price of blood tests

Once you arrive in Budapest, you will be greeted by our driver who will take you to your accommodation.

Before the surgery, you will also be escorted to our private laboratory partner to give a blood sample.

3. FUE hair transplant procedure

advantages of hair transplantation

You will come to the clinic the following day, our surgical team will prepare you for the surgery.

The procedure itself will last around 6-8 hours on average. You will receive a lidocaine injection, so you won’t feel any pain from the surgery.

The surgeon will begin to extract individual hair follicles, which our assistants will clean and prepare for implantation.

You can watch TV, Netflix, or read during the procedure. Once the surgery is finished, you will be bandaged up, then you can return to the accommodation.

4. Aftercare

The first check-up appointment will happen two weeks after the surgery. You won’t have to come back to the clinic in person, all we need is a few good-quality pictures of the implanted and donor areas.

The surgeon will evaluate your progress, and give further guidance if needed. A year after the surgery, you will see your final hair transplant results.

Similar to the first check-up, all you need to do is send us some pictures so we can evaluate the outcome of your surgery.

Why choose us over a Birmingham hair transplant clinic?

We know how important it is to regain your confidence and restore your locks to their old glory.

Hair loss can be extremely stressful, and the process may cause serious health issues for some.

That’s why it’s so important to resolve your hair loss at a trusted clinic, with a proven track record.

HairPalace offers:

  • Long-lasting results
  • Best hair transplant surgeons in Hungary
  • Quality hair transplants at a fair price

Want to find out more about the hair transplant clinic?

Get in touch with one of our friendly colleagues today, and take the first step in your hair loss journey.

We ask all of our patients to schedule a consultation in advance, as we can’t take walk-ins.

There is also the option of an online consultation from the comfort of your home. Thanks to its convenience and ease, we recommend online consultation to all our patients.

One Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BD, United Kingdom

Monday – Friday 08.00 AM – 8.00 PM

+44 20 7131 0229
(Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm)


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