1. What to expect
  2. Why choose Istanbul
  3. Cost comparison
  4. TOP 10 clinics in Istanbul
  5. Best DHI hair transplant
  6. Pros and cons
  7. What you need to watch out for
  8. Results
  9. The truth about Turkey
  10. Review comparison
  11. Luke’s horrifying experience
  12. The best technique
  13. Interesting facts
  14. Are you a good candidate?

Hair transplant in Istanbul has become very popular, with hair transplant procedures becoming nearly as common as other cosmetic treatments.

It is a life-changing procedure, giving you a massive confidence boost with quick recovery and lifelong results.

It’s home to some of the most renowned clinics in the world and often sets the industry standard in terms of price, patient care, and treatment options.

But one of the most important questions you should ask is – where should you go for surgery?

At HairPalace, we are here to help. We’ve created a comprehensive list of the Top 10 hair clinics in Istanbul to help you make an informed decision about your hair transplant.

We compare the procedures offered, prices, location, and a host of other criteria – your transplanted hair will be in safe hands with our recommendations.

FUE hair transplant Istanbul: What to expect?

Istanbul hair transplants
No. of surgeries in Turkey in 2022600,000
No. of surgeries in Istanbul in 2022450,000
Most popular methodFUE
Average cost£2000 – £3000
Average size of surgery2500 grafts
Travel & stay
Cost of flights from the UK£130 – £420
Duration of flight4 hours
Length of stay in Istanbul3 days
Accommodation4 or 5-star hotel
Transfersincluded in the price
Surgery & recovery
Procedure time6-8 hours
Type of anaesthesiaLocal
Return to work2-5 days
Recovery time1 week
Exercise2-3 weeks
Results12-15 months
Success rates> 90%

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Is travelling to Istanbul the ultimate solution for thinning hair? Watch this video to find out!

Istanbul hair transplant cost: Price comparison

Price is important. You want the best hair transplant but at an affordable price.

Thankfully, many hair clinics in Istanbul offer several different packages that suit most budgets.

Some might include travel, accommodation, and transfer services in their price. Always read the fine print.

We’ve compared Turkey hair transplant costs across ten of the best clinics, to give you a clear picture of where the best value lies.

Clinic name5000 hairs price
(2500 grafts)
Google reviews
1. Clinicana£ 18504.8
1,708 reviews
2. Smile Hair Clinic£ 21904.9
1,362 reviews
3. Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic£ 28504.7
3,200 reviews
4. Sule Hair Transplant£ 24504.9
947 reviews
5. Vera Clinic£ 26004.8
936 reviews
6. Hair of Istanbul£ 26004.8
589 reviews
7. EstePera Hair Clinic£ 21004.9
382 reviews
8. Blue Magic Hair Clinic£ 25504.8
302 reviews
9. ClinMedica£ 28004.8
64 reviews
10. Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic£ 28504.8
50 reviews
HairPalace Hungary£ 22904.8
405 reviews
The prices are based on information provided by doctors, users or other portals. The actual prices can only be determined after a medical consultation, taking into account the physical requirements and individual wishes.

Hair transplant Istanbul: TOP 10 clinics

Istanbul is at the forefront of hair transplant surgery. With competitive prices and highly skilled surgeons, thousands of patients visit the city.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, using verified reviews from previous patients.

1. Clinicana

Clinicana is a popular location for a hair transplant in Istanbul

Kocatepe Mahallesi Ofis Lamartine Lamartin Caddesi,
6 No:6 D:Kat 5, 34437

Treatments: FUE, Sapphire

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 1850, 5000 hairs = £ 1850

Treatments performed by: Surgeons

Rating: 4.8 based on 1,708 Google reviews

Website: www.clinicana.com

Often regarded as the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Clinicana offers brilliant patient care at competitive prices.

From Sapphire FUE procedures to beard, eyebrow, and moustache restorations, Clinicana has several effective ways of addressing your hair loss.

The clinic also offers the uncommon technique of Perkutan transplantation, which involves opening channels on the scalp with a titanium microneedle.

The clinic offers a free hair analysis, with no obligations, making it a popular service for patients from anywhere in the world.

Their hair transplant packages also include various services, including airport pickup, accommodation, and transfers.

2. Smile Hair Clinic

Smile hair clinic hair transplant in Turkey

Barbaros Mh., Sen Sok. No:10,

Treatments: DHI, Sapphire

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 1790, 5000 hairs = £ 2190

Treatments performed by: Technicians (monitored by doctors)

Rating: 4.9 based on 1,362 Google reviews

Website: www.smilehairclinic.com

Open since 2018, Smile Hair Clinic is a master of Turkish hair transplants.

They’ve made several appearances on popular mainstream media outlets such as BBC News, Nord TV, The Good Men Project and more.

Why? Because of their incredible patient care, competitive packages, and aftercare.

The clinic specializes in several effective treatments; from Sapphire FUE and DHI transplantations to eyebrow, moustache, and sideburn restoration, and much more.

3. Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic

You can get a hair transplant in Turkey at the Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic

Merkez Mh.
İstiklal Sk. No: 11/A
Key Plaza,

Treatments: FUE, DHI, Sapphire

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 2100, 5000 hairs = £ 2850

Treatments performed by: Surgeons

Rating: 4.7 based on 3,200 Google reviews

Website: www.drserkanaygin.com

With over 10,000 successful hair transplants and 25 years of experience, Dr Serkan Aygin is undoubtedly a leading hair transplant surgeon.

It’s no surprise he was named Europe’s Best Hair Transplant Surgeon by the European Awards in Medicine in 2019.

His clinic offers a range of highly-advanced techniques that will solve any hair loss problem, for both men and women.

Treatments include the innovative Sapphire FUE hair transplant, the DHI method, as well as beard and eyebrow restoration.

4. Sule Hair Transplant

Sule hair transplant clinic in Istanbul

Merkez, Çukurçeşme Cd.
No:59 D:No: 57,
34250 Gaziosmanpaşa/İstanbul

Treatments: FUE, DHI, Sapphire FUE 

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 1850, 5000 hairs = £ 2450 

Treatments performed by: Mr Orkun Ölmez

Rating: 4.9 based on 947 Google reviews

Website: sule-hairtransplant.com

Leading the industry since 2014, Sule Hair Transplant has conducted thousands of surgeries to great success – and they’re one of the most popular clinics for overseas patients.

Why? Firstly, they offer a comprehensive range of treatments, including FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI transplant surgery.

Patients can also avail of beard, moustache, eyebrow restorations, and cosmetic scar repair.

Offering transport & accommodation, the Sule Hair Transplant Clinic is a popular choice for overseas patients.

Consultations are free. Finally, a lifetime guarantee certificate ensures you will be satisfied with your hair transplantation surgery.

5. Vera Clinic

Vera clinic is one of the best locations for a hair transplant in Turkey

Mecidiyeköy Mh.,
Atakan Sokak No:7-9, Kat:4,

Treatments: FUE, FUT, Sapphire method

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 2100, 5000 hairs = £ 2600

Treatments performed by: Surgeons

Rating: 4.8 based on 936 Google reviews

Website: www.veraclinic.net

Open since 2013, and with over 30,000 patients, Vera Clinic has a proven track record for hair transplantation in Istanbul.

They specialize in all modern techniques, including FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI surgery.

They can also offer specialized care in the form of hairline surgery, beard and eyebrow transplants, afro and female hair transplant surgeries.

The signature selling point of Vera Clinic is, however, in their OxyCure Techniques, which boost the survival of hair follicles by supplying them with oxygen and nutrients in the early days of the surgery.

The result? Thicker, denser hair growth!

Lastly, a range of packages makes travelling to the clinic an easy, straightforward experience. 

6. Hair of Istanbul

Hair of Istanbul is a hair transplant clinic located in Istanbul Turkey

Ataköy 7-8-9-10
Mahallesi Ataköy Towers,
34158 Bakırköy/İstanbul

Treatments: FUE & DHI

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 2100, 5000 hairs = £ 2600

Treatments performed by: Doctors & specialists

Rating: 4.8 based on 589 Google reviews

Website: www.hairofistanbul.com

With over 13,000 procedures completed, and a team of 75 staff, Hair of Istanbul is a premier destination for patients wanting to undergo a hair transplant procedure.

The clinic has been in business for nearly 10 years and they are regarded as the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey by many.

It operates out of a hospital in the Bakırköy district, ensuring the highest standards in patient care.

The clinic also offers 5-star accommodation for their patients, including VIP transfer services – no matter where you are travelling from, they will make your hair transplant journey comfortable and stress-free.

7. EstePera Hair Clinic

EstePera hair clinic IStanbul

Yunus Emre,
Lütfi Aykaç Blv.
No:80 D:G, 34260

Treatments: FUE, Sapphire FUE, DHI transplantation

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 2100, 5000 hairs = £ 2100 

Treatments performed by: Serbülent Güzey

Rating: 4.9 based on 382 Google reviews

Website: www.estepera.com

Operating out of the Florence Nightingale Hospital, the Estepera Hair Clinic is one of Istanbul’s most popular and in-demand clinics.

They offer free consultations, making them an ideal clinic to visit for curious patients. Packages are all affordable with no advance payments required.

Additionally, the clinic offers year-round follow-ups to ensure you and your hair fully recover from surgery.

8. Blue Magic Hair Clinic

Blue magic hair clinic carries out hair transplats in Istanbul

19 Mayıs, Aslan apartmanı,
Dr. Hüsnü İsmet Öztürk Sk.
No:16 D:aire 26, 34360

Treatments: FUE, DHI & beard transplants

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 1990, 5000 hairs = £ 2550 

Treatments performed by: Dr. Selahattin Tulunay and Dr. Serkan Kemal

Rating: 4.8 based on 302 Google reviews

Website: www.bluemagiclinic.com

As the name suggests, the Blue Magic Hair Clinic in Istanbul aims to provide magical hair transplant experiences for its patients.

They specialize in only the most advanced and effective treatments.

Patients can choose from FUE hair transplantation, a DHI hair transplant or Platelet-Rich Plasma injections which often accelerate the healing process.

The clinic has a team of certified surgeons who can create a natural-looking hairline for both men and women.

And with some of the most competitive prices on the market, Blue Magic Clinic attracts patients from all corners of the world.

9. ClinMedica

Clinmedica is one of the top clinics for a hair transplant in Turkey

Ataköy 7-8-9-10 kısım Mah,
Çobançeşme E5 yanyol Cad.
Seleniym Retro
A Blok 18/1 D:203

Treatments: FUE, DHI, Sapphire

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 2100, 5000 hairs = £ 2800 

Treatments performed by: Doctors and assistants

Rating: 4.8 based on 64 Google reviews

Website: www.clinmedica.com

ClinMedica is one of the most versatile hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. It offers a plethora of hair transplantation services, ensuring that they will always have a solution for you.

The clinic offers everything from FUE hair transplants and DHI procedures to beard and eyebrow implantation, and uses advanced techniques like Sapphire blades, to achieve great results.

The clinic also offers a range of cosmetic surgery treatments, including the face and abdomen, and can provide a much-needed confidence boost to any potential patient

10. Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic

Dr Ziya Yavuz clinic is a leading figure when it comes to a hair transplant in Istanbul

Acibadem Dr. Şinasi Can Hastanesi,
34365 Şişli/İstanbul

Treatments: Classical FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 2200, 5000 hairs = £ 2850 

Treatments performed by: Dr. Ziya Yavuz

Rating: 4.8 based on 50 Google reviews

Website: www.drziyayavuz.com

With over 10 years of experience and over 7,500 happy hair transplant patients, Dr Ziya Yavuz’s clinic is one of the most well-regarded establishments for a hair transplant in Turkey.

The clinic operates within the Acibadem Hospital Kadikoy in Istanbul and offers the latest techniques including Sapphire FUE and needle-free anaesthesia.

The clinic is particularly popular with overseas patients because it can offer personalised packages that organize everything for you.

Best DHI hair transplant Istanbul

Dr Serkan Aygin’s hair transplant clinic is recognized as a symbol of excellence in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey.

The clinic carries out DHI surgeries in an advanced environment using the latest tools in medical science.

This superior infrastructure is complemented by the clinic’s commitment to patient satisfaction and comfort, which makes it an ideal choice for a DHI hair transplant.

Accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health, the clinic adheres to the highest health standards and consistently achieves remarkable results.

Is a hair transplant in Istanbul worth it?

If you’ve been struggling with hair loss for years, and want a guaranteed confidence boost, a hair transplant in Istanbul is an obvious choice.

No matter what stage of hair loss you are experiencing, a consultation with a specialist will open your eyes to correct procedures and treatments readily available to you.

the emotional impact of a hair transplant in Istanbul

The 2020 Practice Census Survey by The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) showed that over 90% of patients who opt for a hair transplant report a positive impact on their life.

But is Istanbul the right choice for you? There are many factors to consider before your hair transplant operation, including:

Variety of clinics to choose from Long & expensive flights
Low hair transplant costs No in-person consultations
All-inclusive packages Quality and care standards
are different from the
European regulations
Straightforward procedures Technicians may perform surgeries

According to this study from 2014, while the majority of patients are satisfied with the outcome of their trip to Turkey, there are certain difficulties to be aware of.

Most of the data compiled by the research highlights issues with communication, travel, and customer service in general.

Don’t fall for these common scams!

Matt explains the four most important things you need to watch out for when choosing a sub £3000 hair transplant in Turkey.

Hair transplant Istanbul results

The truth about Turkish hair transplants

An in-depth explanation of what you can expect from your hair transplant journey in Istanbul.

Best hair transplant in Istanbul: Reviews comparison

If you’re still between two minds on which hair clinic in Istanbul is the best fit for you, don’t worry. We’ve compared 10 of the best clinics based on verified Google reviews.

Learn everything about a clinic before you commit to anything, including their customer service, price, and most importantly their results!

Clinic nameCityGoogle rating
based on 1,708 Google reviews
Smile Hair ClinicIstanbul4.9
based on 1,362 Google reviews
Dr. Serkan Aygin ClinicIstanbul4.7
based on 3,200 Google reviews
Sule Hair TransplantIstanbul4.9
based on 947 Google reviews
Vera ClinicIstanbul4.8
based on 936 Google reviews
Hair of IstanbulIstanbul4.8
based on 589 Google reviews
EstePera Hair ClinicIstanbul4.9
based on 382 Google reviews
Blue Magic Hair ClinicIstanbul4.8
based on 302 Google reviews
based on 64 Google reviews
Dr. Ziya Yavuz ClinicIstanbul4.8
based on 50 Google reviews
HairPalace HungaryBudapest4.8
based on 405 Google reviews

Say NO to Istanbul: Luke’s horrifying experience

Luke shares his horrible experience at an Istanbul hair clinic, and shares important information about what you need to be aware of when choosing a clinic.

Which technique is best for your hair transplant in Istanbul?

Hair clinics in Istanbul offer some of the most advanced treatments in the industry. You will have lots of choices.

The most popular hair transplant technique is undoubtedly Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as FUE.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) and ARTAS robotic techniques are also quite popular, though not as widely available.

FUT, FUE and combined methods

Over 75% of hair transplant operations are carried out with FUE. Why?

It is one of the least invasive techniques and leaves minimal, almost undetectable scarring which leads to a more natural appearance. It also has a quicker recovery period.

During your consultation, your doctor will examine your hair and scalp and recommend the most appropriate hair transplant technique.

Interesting facts about hair transplantation in Istanbul

  • Around 400,000 men visit Istanbul for a hair transplant surgery every year
  • 150-500 surgeries are performed every week
  • Nearly 90% of all patients are men
  • An estimated £1,5 billion was spent on hair transplants in Turkey last year

Are you an ideal candidate for a hair transplant in Istanbul?

Every patient is unique, and you won’t know if you qualify for a hair transplant until you attend a consultation.

That said, several factors can impact your eligibility. These include:

  • The extent of your hair loss – has it stagnated?
  • The current quality of your hair & scalp
  • Your overall health
  • Your goals – what are you looking to achieve?
age of hair transplant patients

The most common age of patients who undergo a hair transplant operation is between 30 and 50 years old.

However, more and more adults are having hair transplant procedures in their 20s and well into their 60s.

As long as your hair loss has stabilized, you have a high chance of being an ideal candidate.

grafts per hair transplants

Find the best hair clinics near you

Although Istanbul is one of the most popular places for hair transplant surgery, you still have many other options, including other clinics across the country, and abroad: