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  2. The cost of a hair transplant in Australia
  3. The TOP 10 hair transplant clinics in Australia
  4. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. TOP 3 hair restoration techniques in Australia
  6. Results
  7. Review comparison
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Choosing a hair transplant clinic in Australia can be daunting, but with the right information it will be easier.

That’s why it’s important to choose your clinic carefully – so you’ll get the desired results.

The following guide will help you learn more about the top 10 hair transplant clinics in Australia. The best clinics were selected by our specialists for their level of service, staff, and fees.

Fast facts

Hair transplants in Australia 
TechniquesFUT, FUE and DHI
Duration of surgery6 to 8 hours
Anesthesialocal anesthesia
Painnone to slight
Potential side effectsswelling, redness, numbness of the scalp
Scarringpractically undetectable
RecoveryFUE and DHI: 7-10 days
FUT: around 10-14 days
Return to workin 2-5 days
Exercisefrom 3-4 weeks post-op
Hair wash2 weeks after treatment
Resultin 12-15 months

Hair transplant cost Australia

Cosmetic surgery can be expensive, and your budget can often dictate what kind of hair transplant surgery you have, and where.

With value in mind, we’ve compared the hair transplant prices from the top 10 clinics across Australia. Our data includes small and large-scale surgeries and gives you an overall picture of how much your surgery can cost.

Clinic name5000 hairs
(2500 grafts)
Google reviews
Dr Anh Medical Aesthetics Perth15000 $4.7
166 reviews
The Crown Clinic7500 $4.5
99 reviews
Elite Hair Clinic12000 $4.8
53 reviews
Dr Hair Clinic (DHI Melbourne)12500 $4.9
46 reviews
Eleventh Heaven Hair Clinic14500 $4.9
29 reviews
Epiclinic Adelaide16000 $4.7
48 reviews
MediHair Hair Clinic13990 $4.6
30 reviews
Gro – Melbourne Clinic17500 $4.2
35 reviews
The Knudsen Clinic Brisbane15400 $5.0
1 review
SHT – Sydney Hair Transplant9900 $3.3
7 reviews

The prices are based on information provided by doctors, users or other portals. The actual prices can only be determined after a medical consultation, taking into account the physical requirements and individual wishes.

How many grafts will you need?

The price and scale of a hair transplant are usually defined by how many hair follicles you have implanted. Every patient is unique and you will only know how many you will need during your consultation.

That said, our diagram below gives you a rough estimate of how many grafts are required when treating the six main regions impacted by androgenetic alopecia.

What is included in the hair transplant price in Australia?

Hair replacement surgery can be expensive. To help patients, clinics offer a range of packages to make procedures more inclusive and affordable.

Although every package is unique to that clinic, most will include the following:

  • A consultation with a hair transplant surgeon
  • The hair transplant surgery
  • Prescription medication
  • Aftercare, including follow-up appointments and examinations
  • Customer support

The TOP 10 hair transplant clinics in Australia

Australia has countless world-class hair transplant clinics across the country. Deciding on which one offers you the best service can be a difficult thing to work out.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best hair transplant clinics in Australia. Using verified past patient reviews, your hair surgery is in safe hands with our recommendations.

  1. Dr Anh Medical Aesthetics Perth
  2. The Crown Clinic
  3. Elite Hair Clinic
  4. Dr Hair Clinic (DHI Melbourne)
  5. Eleventh Heaven Hair Clinic
  6. Epiclinic Adelaide
  7. MediHair Hair Clinic
  8. Gro – Melbourne Clinic
  9. The Knudsen Clinic Brisbane
  10. SHT – Sydney Hair Transplant

1. Dr Anh Medical Aesthetics Perth

Crown Metropol Perth,
Perth, 23 Bolton Ave,
Burswood WA 6100

Treatments: NeoGraft hair transplant
Costs: 3000 hairs = 9900 $, 5000 hairs = 15000 $
Treatments performed by: Dr Anh Nguyen & other doctors
Rating: 4.6 based 166 Google reviews

As one of the leading plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. Anh Nguyen’s Clinic is infamous for its advanced procedures and highly capable team of specialists.

One of their signature treatments, the NeoGraft®, is an automated hair transplant surgery system that achieves incredibly natural-looking results – with a fast recovery and no scars guaranteed.

As well as being available for walk-ins in Perth, the clinic also offers virtual consultations, meaning you can start your hair transplant journey from anywhere in the world.

2. The Crown Clinic

14/187 Macquarie St,
Sydney NSW 2000

Treatments: FUE, Scalp Micropigmentation
Costs: 3000 hairs = 4990 $, 5000 hairs = 7500 $
Treatments performed by: Dr. Tony Prochazka, Dr, Ramin Amighian and Dr. Raphael Dworkin-Basilio
Rating: 4.5 based on 99 Google reviews

With over 20 years of outstanding patient care, The Crown Clinic has become one of Australia’s leading hair transplantation clinics.

A team of highly-skilled doctors, including renowned Dr. Tony Prochazka, ensures great results from a range of hair loss services offered.

From Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which promises a fast recovery, no visible scarring, and great, natural-looking hair growth, to micro-pigmentation, to growth factor therapy. The clinic provides a range of effective packages to treat any state of thinning hair and budget.

They offer a free consultation that can be conducted over the phone, on Skype, or in person, ensuring you can start your hair recovery from anywhere in the world.

3. Elite Hair Clinic

BMA House,
Suite 701, Level 7/135 – 137
Macquarie St,
Sydney NSW 2000

Treatments: FUE, beard & eyebrow transplants
Costs: 3000 hairs = 7200 $, 5000 hairs = 12000 $
Treatments performed by: Dr. Sam Freedman & Thelma Milsop, Senior FUE Technican
Rating: 4.8 based 53 Google reviews

With over 25 years of experience and a mission to provide excellent hair transplants at affordable prices, the Elite Hair Clinic in Syndey comes highly recommended.

Led by head surgeon Dr. Sam Freedman, the clinic has a team of highly skilled doctors and technicians, all of whom are trained in Australia, the USA, and the U.K.

This clinic specializes in FUE surgery, which boasts quick recovery, minimal discomfort, and excellent, natural-looking hair growth. In addition to treating scalp hair loss, the clinic also offers beard and eyebrow transplants. And with a free, no-obligation consultation on offer, it’s no wonder both men and women visit Elite Hair Clinic first, to start their hair restoration off.

4. Dr Hair Clinic (DHI Melbourne)

436 Victoria St,
North Melbourne
VIC 3051

Treatments: DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), beard & eyebrow transplant, PRP
Costs: 3000 hairs = 7500 $, 5000 hairs = 12500 $
Treatments performed by: Medical Director Dr Baj
Rating: 4.9 based 46 Google reviews

With over 2,000 hair, beard, and eyebrow hair transplants performed and counting, the Dr. Hair Clinic in Melbourne is an excellent choice.

Specializing in Direct Hair Implantation DHI), the clinic is the only certified and authorized clinic to perform the surgery in Melbourne.

 Led by Medical Director Dr Baj, the clinic caters to both small and extensive hair transplantation and provides a holistic approach to patient care. The clinic also offers free consultations, making them a great clinic to visit for curious patients with questions to ask about their hair loss.

5. Eleventh Heaven Hair Transplant Clinic

37 Doggett St,
QLD 4005

Treatments: NeoGraft FUE & PRP
Costs: 3000 hairs = 9000 $, 5000 hairs = 14500 $
Treatments performed by: Dr. Ricky Sia
Rating: 4.9 based 29 Google reviews

Located in the heart of Teneriffe, Brisbane, the Eleventh Heaven Clinic has an impeccable reputation for offering high-quality patient care and the most advanced techniques in the industry.

Suitable for both men and women, the clinic offers a range of advanced treatments, such as FUT and FUE, to non-surgical alternatives like injectables, and more. Utilizing NeoGraft technology, surgeries have shorter recovery times, while still yielding excellent results.

Led by the renowned Dr. Ricky Sia, he brings a wealth of experience from both the U.k. and across Australia and is an exam-certified Fellow of CPCA, the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia.

6. Epiclinic Adelaide 

245 Wakefield St,
SA 5000

Treatments: FUE & scalp micropigmentation
Costs: 3000 hairs = 11000 $, 5000 hairs = 16000 $
Treatments performed by: Dr Molton’s team of advanced hair transplant nurses and clinicians
Rating: 4.7 based 48 Google reviews

Helmed by Dr. Molton, who has over 28 years of experience in the industry, the clinic has a team of highly skilled nurses and clinicians and offers a range of hair restoration procedures.

The most popular of course are FUT and FUE procedures, but the clinic also offers a host of non-surgical treatments to address the balding process.

And with accreditation from the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards, Epiclinic Adelaide has a proven track record for providing only the highest quality patient care and yields amazing results.

7. MediHair Hair Transplant Melbourne 

Suite 703/1
Queens Rd,
VIC 3004

Treatments: FUE, FUT, SMP
Costs: 3000 hairs = 8200 $, 5000 hairs = 13990 $
Treatments performed by: Dr Mario Marzola & his team
Rating: 4.6 based 30 Google reviews

With a team of exceptionally skilled surgeons, technicians, and stylists, MediHair Hair Transplant Clinic in Melbourne has an impeccable reputation for hair transplant surgery.

Offering both FUT and FUE surgery, patient care is always at the centre of MediHair’s work ethic. Their core goal is to offer natural-looking, fast-recovery hair loss solutions.

And because they offer free private and confidential consultations, many people decide to start their journey with this clinic in particular.

8. Gro – Melbourne Clinic

Level 1/893
Collins St,
VIC 3008

Treatments: FUE and PRP
Costs: 3000 hairs = 12500 $, 5000 hairs = 17500 $
Treatments performed by: Dr Alexis Suevo and other hair transplant specialists
Rating: 4.2 based 35 Google reviews

Offering free consultations and written guarantees for a natural result, the Gro Clinic in Melbourne is one of the first choices for many men and women considering hair transplant surgery.

Specializing in minimally invasive FUE surgeries, the Gro chain can be found in other Australian cities, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and the Gold Coast, making appointments easy to attend and widely available.

9. The Knudsen Clinic Brisbane 

7/50 Sherwood Rd,
QLD 4066

Treatments: FUT (Strip), FUE and ARTAS (Robotic FUE)
Costs: FUE & ARTAS: 3000 hairs = 13200 $, 5000 hairs = 18150 $
FUT: 3000 hairs = 10450 $, 5000 hairs = 15400 $*
Treatments performed by: Dr Russell Knudsen & his team
Rating: 5.0 based 1 Google reviews

Established in 1984, the Knudsen Clinic is regarded as a pioneering clinic in Australia for hair transplant surgery.

The clinic prides itself on its effective, undetectable, and affordable hair loss surgeries, for both men and women. A range of services, including laser cap therapy, scalp micro-pigmentation, FUE & FUT surgery, and ARTAS robotic hair restoration, is available.

And with several clinics across Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra, Dr. Knudsen and his team of specialists have performed over 10,000 surgeries and counting.

10. SHT – Sydney Hair Transplant 

37/256 Chapel Rd Bankstown
Sydney NSW 2200

Treatments: FUT and FUE methods
Costs: 3000 hairs = 6900 $, 5000 hairs = 9900 $
Treatments performed by: Dr. Jassim Daood and his medical team
Rating: 3.3 based 7 Google reviews

The Sydney Hair Transplant clinic is home to some of the country’s most experienced specialists in the hair transplantation industry.

By offering free consultations, and having a reputation for providing affordable packages that yield great results, it’s no wonder many men and women suffering hair loss visit SHT first.

The head of the clinic, Dr. Jassim Daood, is one of the most renowned in the country and has over 30 years of experience.

He is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and specializes in the two most common hair transplant procedures, FUT and FUE. Suffice to say, your hair loss is in safe hands here.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hair transplant in Australia

Australia is home to some of the best clinics with the best surgeons in the world. But still, is it the right fit for you and your hair transplant?

Let’s weigh up the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Wide selection of clinics across the country
  • Well-regulated industry
  • Minimal travel required
  • Follow-up appointments available


  • Often more expensive than clinics abroad
  • Price may not be all-inclusive.
  • Longer waiting times
  • Clinics abroad can offer the same procedure options, often cheaper.

With world-class clinics and renowned surgeons, Australia is well-respected within the hair transplant industry. But is it your only choice?

We recommend that you compare prices and packages from Australian clinics with those from abroad – only then can you make an informed decision.

Hair transplant Australia: TOP 3 hair restoration techniques

Clinics in Australia offer a wide range of treatment options for patients. Statistics from 2024 show quite clearly that 3 procedures are the most popular with patients.

FUE is the most popular, with FUT and a combination of both coming in second and third place.

FUT, FUE and combined methods

1. FUE hair transplant in Australia

Undoubtedly, the most popular procedure in Australia is Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as FUE.

Your surgeon will harvest hair follicles from the donor area one by one with a micro punch. Then, they will open channels in the receiving area and implant the grafts.

FUE leaves virtually no signs of scarring and promises a quick recovery. The transplanted hair follicles typically produce new hairs within 12 to 15 months.

2. DHI hair restoration

Direct Hair Implantation, also known as DHI, is very similar to FUE, with one exception; there are no channels made during implantation.

Instead, your surgeon will use a special implanter pen to insert the transplanted grafts directly into thinning areas. DHI is especially effective at increasing density in smaller targeted areas.

3. FUT or strip hair transplant

Another popular choice is Follicular unit transplantation, often shortened as FUT or called a ‘strip hair transplant’.

Your surgeon will cut a narrow strip from a donor area, to extract a bigger number of grafts. It’s an effective procedure for treating large areas of hair loss.

FUT is generally a more invasive surgery and may leave linear scarring and require longer recovery.

Hair transplant Australia results

Best hair transplant in Australia: Review comparison

Are you still unsure which hair clinic in Australia is the best fit? Wondering which clinic offers the best customer service? Price? Aftercare?

Hair transplant reviews are a great way of getting real, first-hand experience of how a clinic performs. Patients will answer all of your burning questions, and give you a clear picture of what to expect.

Clinic nameCityGoogle rating
Dr Anh Medical AestheticsPerth4.6
based on 166 Google reviews
The Crown ClinicSydney4.5
based on 99 Google reviews
Elite Hair ClinicSydney4.8
based on 53 Google reviews
Dr Hair ClinicMelbourne4.9
based on 46 Google reviews
Eleventh Heaven Hair ClinicBrisbane4.9
based on 29 Google reviews
Epiclinic AdelaideAdelaine4.7
based on 48 Google reviews
MediHair Hair TransplantMelbourne4.6
based on 30 Google reviews
Gro – Melbourne ClinicMelbourne4.2
based on 35 Google reviews
The Knudsen Clinic BrisbaneBrisbane5.0
based on 1 Google reviews
SHT – Sydney Hair TransplantSydney3.3
based on 7 Google reviews

Video: Hair transplantation in Australia

Find the best hair transplant clinics near you

Hair transplants are very popular, and there are so many great clinics across Australia and around the world to choose from.

Our free hair transplant analysis takes only 2 minutes and offers you tailored advice on the best clinics in your locale.