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  2. Hair transplant cost in the USA: TOP 10 clinics
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  4. Best hair transplant in the US: the TOP 10 hair clinics
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The USA is at the forefront when it comes to hair transplant surgery. With cutting-edging technology, highly skilled surgeons, and a wide array of procedures available, it’s no wonder the number of hair transplant patients rose by 40% during the pandemic alone.

HairPalace has conducted extensive research to help find the 10 best clinics across the USA. We’re confident that with our help, you’ll reach your goals and stay well within your budget.

Fast facts about hair transplants

Hair transplants in the USA 
TechniquesFUT, FUE and NeoGraft
Duration of surgeryaround 6-8 hours
Type of anesthesialocal
Painnone to slight
Potential side effectsredness, swelling, numbness on the areas treated
Scarringpractically undetectable
Recoveryafter FUE and NeoGraft: 7-10 days
after FUT: approx. 10-14 days
Return to worktypically in 2-5 days
Exerciseafter 3-4 weeks
Hair washfrom 2 weeks post-op
Full resultin 12-15 months

Price comparison: how much does a hair transplant cost in the USA?

Price can be one of the deciding factors on what surgery you opt for, and where.

We’ve done the hard work, and compared the prices of the Top 10 hair transplant clinics in the USA.

We’ve specially checked against the cost of smaller sessions (3,000 grafts), and more extensive procedures (5,000 grafts), to give an overall, accurate picture.

Clinic nameHair transplant method3000 hairs price
(1500 grafts)
5000 hairs price
(2500 grafts)
Nova MedicalFUE9000 $12500 $
Bosley – Hair RestorationFUE8000 $12000 $
MAXIM Hair RestorationFUE7500 $10000 $
Chicago Hair Transplant ClinicFUT8700 $14000 $
Natural Transplants WashingtonFUE7000 $12200 $
Great Hair Transplants MiamiFUE9500 $15000 $
Houston Hair Transplant CenterFUT6750 $11250 $
Best Hair Transplant Los AngelesFUE9000 $14000 $
Medical Hair Transplants & AestheticsFUE6900 $9500 $
Dr. Sean BehnamFUE8750 $13550 $

The prices are based on information provided by doctors, users or other portals. The actual prices can only be determined after a medical consultation, taking into account the physical requirements and individual wishes.

How many grafts will you need?

Every patient is unique. Factors that impact the number of grafts you need include the condition of your scalp, the size of thinning, and your expectations.

What’s included in the price for hair transplants in the USA?

The best hair transplant clinics will offer a range of packages to make the operation effective and affordable. Services might differ between clinics, and you should always read the fine print.

But hair transplants in the USA generally include:

  • Consultations with the surgeon and specialist team
  • The surgery itself
  • Prescription of any medications/topical treatments needed
  • Customer support in the lead-up and aftermath of surgery
  • Post-surgery: follow-up visits & examinations.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hair transplant in the USA

Every year, more and more men across the USA are having hair transplant surgery for a much-needed confidence boost. But there’s a lot to consider, including price, available treatments, location, and quality of care.

So is the USA the right choice for you and your hair transplant? Let’s weigh up the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Great selection of clinics in most major cities
  • Well regulated industry
  • Minimal travel required
  • Follow up appointments easy to attend


  • Procedures may be expensive
  • Packages are usually not all-inclusive
  • Longer waiting times
  • Consultations and check-up appointments may be charged separately

The TOP 10 Hair Transplant Clinics in the USA

To help you decide on the right clinic, we’ve compared patient reviews from across the USA and compiled a list of the best clinics for your future surgery.

From treatments offered to unbeatable prices, to famous and highly respected surgical staff, and more – your hair will be in safe hands with our recommendations.

  1. New Jersey Hair Transplant | Nova Medical
  2. Bosley – Hair Restoration & Transplant
  3. MAXIM Hair Restoration
  4. Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic
  5. Natural Transplants Washington
  6. Great Hair Transplants Miami
  7. Houston Hair Transplant Center
  8. Best Hair Transplant Los Angeles
  9. Medical Hair Transplants & Aesthetics
  10. Dr. Sean Behnam

1. New Jersey Hair Transplant | Nova Medical

3 Winslow Pl #2,
Paramus, NJ 07652

Treatments: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Costs: 3000 hairs = 9000 $, 5000 hairs = 12500 $

Treatments performed by: Dr. Michael Gartner and his team of hair surgeons

Rating: 4.9 based on 127 Google reviews

Website: newjerseyhairtransplantclinic.com

Offering a variety of treatments, including both FUE and FUT, Nova Medical’s hair transplant clinic in New Jersey is one of the most popular clinics in the USA.

Helmed by one of New Jersey’s most prolific surgeons Dr. Michael Gartner, patients can expect incredible value, faster recovery times, and minimally invasive procedures. Most importantly, patients report incredible hair recovery results.

2. Bosley – Hair Restoration & Transplant

99 Park Ave 20th Floor,
New York, NY 10016

Treatments: FUE, FUT, BioGraft, Eyebrow restoration

Costs: 3000 hairs = 8000 $, 5000 hairs = 12000 $

Treatments performed by: David M. Alpeter, Jr. M.D., Frank S. Cohen M.D.

Rating: 4.3 based on 192 Google reviews

Website: www.bosley.com

With over half a million hair procedures completed to date, and leading the industry over the past 45 years, your hair is in safe hands at Bosley.

Bosley offers several surgery procedures, as well as non-surgical procedures and topical treatments. And with over 70 clinics across the USA, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami, you’re guaranteed to be close to a nearby clinic.

3. MAXIM Hair Restoration

308 Fifth Avenue Fifth Floor,
New York, NY 10001

Treatments: FUE, FUT, Facial, eyebrow, mustache and beard hair transplants

Costs: 3000 hairs = 7500 $, 5000 hairs = 10000 $

Treatments performed by: Hair transplant surgeons led by Dr. Lawrence Barnard

Rating: 4.5 based on 59 Google reviews

Website: www.maximhairrestoration.com

With ten clinics across the USA, and over 10,000 procedures completed, MAXIM Hair Restoration has built a reputation of great value and excellent results.

Dr. Lawrence Barnard’s team of surgeons offers an extensive range of procedures that will suit the need of any patient. These include popular surgeries like FUE and FUT, to more specialized care like eyebrow, mustache, and beard transplants.

4. Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic

875 N Michigan Ave #2727,
Chicago, IL 60611,

Treatments: FUE, FUT and PRP therapy

Costs: 3000 hairs = 8700 $, 5000 hairs = 14000 $

Treatments performed by: Vladimir Panine, MD

Costs: 4.7 based on 12 Google reviews

Website: www.chicagohtc.com

With 27 years of experience, Dr. Vladimir Panine is a recognized leader in hair transplant surgery. His team of specialists offers exceptional patient care.

With state-of-the-art patient care and over 4,000 surgeries completed, the Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic offers everything you need. Their services include FUT and FUE surgery, as well as eyebrow and facial hair restoration.

5. Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic Washington

Champlain Building,
6410 Rockledge Dr # 412,
Bethesda, MD 20817

Treatments: High-yield Unit Extraction

Costs: 3000 hairs = 7000 $, 5000 hairs = 12200 $

Treatments performed by: Dr. Kevin Blumenthal and assistants

Rating: 5.0 based on 161 Google reviews

Website: naturaltransplants.com

With travel incentives of up to $1,000 on offer, it’s no wonder people from across the USA and the world flock to the Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic.

But competitive prices aside, the clinic also boasts an incredibly skilled staff, including expert doctors like Dr. Kevin Blumenthal, and a plethora of technicians with years of experience.

6. Great Hair Transplants Miami

2715 E Oakland Park Blvd,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

Treatments: FUE

Costs: 3000 hairs = 9500 $, 5000 hairs = 15000 $

Treatments performed by: Dr. Brett Bolton

Rating: 5.0 based on 149 Google reviews

Website: www.greathairtransplants.com

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Brett Bolton’s clinic in Miami aims to provide the best results for hair transplant surgery, with the lowest amount of surgeries required.

With up to 75% of patients opting for FUE treatment, this clinic has become one of the leading providers of follicular unit extraction in the USA.

7. Houston Hair Transplant Center

4101 Greenbriar Dr Suite 200,
Houston, TX 77098

Treatments: FUE and NeoGraft

Costs: 3000 hairs = 6750 $, 5000 hairs = 11250 $

Treatments performed by: Dr. Goran Jezic, MD

Rating: 4.8 based on 82 Google reviews

Website: www.hairphysician.com

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Jezic’s clinic in Houston has transformed thousands of patients’ lives, improving their confidence and health in tandem.

Specializing in FUE surgery, the clinic offers a new, cutting-edge technique known as NeoGraft, which is semi-automated, proven to be quicker, and promises healthier hair follicles and minimal scarring.

8. Best Hair Transplant Los Angeles

1970 S Prospect Ave Suite 2,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Treatments: FUT, FUE, Facial hair transplant, Laser hair restoration

Costs: 3000 hairs = 9000 $, 5000 hairs = 14000 $

Treatments performed by: Doctors and support staff

Rating: 5.0 based on 31 Google reviews

Website: hairtransplantslosangeles.com

Offering a range of treatments from FUT and FUE, to PRP injections, The Best Hair Transplant Los Angeles promises the most cutting edge ways to minimize and reverse hair loss.

With over 16 years of industry experience and several thousand happy patients, you can find associated clinics across America, including Diego, San Francisco, and Orange County.

9. Medical Hair Transplants & Aesthetics

15055 Los Gatos Blvd STE 110,
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Treatments: FUE and FUT

Costs: 3000 hairs = 6900 $, 5000 hairs = 9500 $

Treatments performed by: Dr. John Diep

Rating: 4.8 based on 139 Google reviews

Website: www.mhtaclinic.com

The Medical Hair Transplants and Aesthetics Clinic is widely regarded as one of the best hair transplant clinics in San Francisco.

Known as the ‘FUE King’, Dr. John Diep is a diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and has over ten years of experience.

He is famous for creating natural hairlines for all of his patients and can provide a variety of treatments like FUT, FUE, facial hair, eyebrow restoration, and repairing scar marks.

10. Dr. Sean Behnam

11669 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 110,
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Treatments: FUE & FUT

Costs: 3000 hairs = 8750 $, 5000 hairs = 13550 $

Treatments performed by: Dr. Sean Behnam and the team of his surgeons

Rating: 5.0 based on 140 Google reviews

Website: igethair.com

With free consultations offered, Dr. Sean Behnam is one of the most popular hair transplant professionals to consult within the USA.

Promising state-of-the-art treatments, including FUE transplants, strip hair restoration, eyebrow transplant, scar revision, and more, Dr. Behnam offers a variety of options for patients to consider.

He also caters to individual needs, including male pattern baldness and female hair transplants.

The last few years have brought significant changes to the hair transplant industry. According to the 2020 practice census, everything from the number of grafts per session, patient age, and procedure type, has changed.

Here’s what you can expect from a hair transplant in the USA:

During your consultation, your surgeon will examine your head and offer their recommendation. Every patient is unique, and ultimately everything depends on the extent of your hair loss.

But to give you an overall picture, there are two trends you should examine. These are the number of grafts patients opted for in 2020:

  • First procedure: 2000-3000 grafts.
  • Subsequent procedures: 1000-1999.
Average number of grafts hair transplants

These trends indicate patients often go for larger grafts the first time and may follow up their transplant with minor, ‘touch-ups’ in subsequent procedures.

age of hair transplant patients

The most common age for a patient to undergo a hair transplant is between 30 and 50 years old.

However, a growing number of men in their 20s and late 60s also make for ideal candidates.

So long as you are in good health, and your hair loss has stagnated, you may be an ideal candidate for a hair transplantation.

hair transplant tourism outside usa

TOP 3 hair restoration techniques in the USA

The USA has become one of the most popular destinations for hair transplant surgery. 

Three procedures prove incredibly popular and readily available at most clinics.

FUT, FUE and combined methods

1. FUE hair transplant in the USA

The most popular hair transplant procedure in the USA is Follicular Unit Extraction, otherwise known as FUE.

Patients choose FUE over other methods because it provides lasting results, has a fast recovery time, and is the least invasive procedure. FUE leaves virtually no signs of scarring.

The surgery itself is very straightforward. Your surgeon will harvest hair follicles one by one with a micro punch. They will open channels in the receiving area of your scalp and implant the grafts.

2. NeoGraft hair restoration technique

A NeoGraft hair transplant is a variation of the FUE procedure. Its semi-automatic drill uses suction during the extraction to remove the grafts from the scalp. 

As a result, the technique further minimizes irritation on the donor area and speeds up the harvesting phase.

3. FUT or strip hair transplant

Follicular unit transplantation, also known as FUT or a strip hair transplant, is one of the widely available treatments across the USA.

Often used to treat patients with widespread hair loss, FUT promises promising, permanent results.

However, FUT is one of the more invasive surgeries, and it’s common for visible scars to appear where hair is kept short.

3 steps to a hair transplant surgery in the USA

1. Consultation

The first step is talking to a professional about your potential treatment.They will assess how suitable you are for a hair transplant, including a health check, seeing if the hair loss has stagnated, and asking you about your desired results.

Everything will be explained to you beforehand, including the surgery, treatment, risks, complications, and the length of recovery.

2. How is a hair restoration in the USA performed?

A typical hair transplant in the USA will start around 8 am, and usually takes between 6-8 hours.

When you arrive at the clinic, a team will prep you for surgery, including shaving your hair and giving you medication.

Following a consultation with your surgeon, the procedure itself will begin:

  • The doctor will disinfect your scalp and administer lidocaine injections, which numb the donor area.
  • Once numb, the surgeon will extract the hair follicles. In the meantime, the assistants will clean and prepare the follicles for implantation.
  • Usually, after extraction, there is a short lunch break.
  • The second part of the surgery is implantation. The surgical team will disinfect and numb the recipient area.
  • Then, the surgeon opens channels and implants the grafts safely and securely.

After surgery, your surgeon will guide you through the various aftercare instructions, including medication and cleaning advice.

When you feel well, and the team is happy with you, you can return home.

3. Aftercare

You will need to follow a strict aftercare regimen during your entire recovery, including:

  • Using sterile saline sprays on your scalp
  • Taking antibiotics
  • Wearing appropriate headgear (hat or scarf)
  • Taking a few days off from work after surgery

You can expect some degree of redness, scabbing and mild swelling. Wounds will heal quickly in about 10-14 days.

Even after wounds have healed, your head will still need time to recover fully.

You may need to:

  • Be gentle when washing your head
  • Use mild, natural shampoo and conditioner
  • Avoid exercise, tanning, and swimming for a further 3-4 weeks.

1 month after surgery, implanted hairs will start to fall out. Do not panic! Regrowth will begin at the 3-4 month mark, and you will see more and more hair grow back.

Final results are expected around 12 months after surgery.

Clinics will require you to attend follow-up examinations throughout your recovery and are available at any time to answer questions you may have.

Best hair transplant in the USA: Patient Reviews

Are you still undecided on which clinic offers you the best service?

Hair transplant reviews can help you see the pros and cons of each clinic. These verified reviews from patients offer comparisons of the level of care you can expect.

Clinic nameCityGoogle rating
Nova MedicalNew Jersey4.9
based on 127 Google reviews
Bosley Hair ClinicNew York4.3
based on 192 Google reviews
MAXIM Hair RestorationNew York4.5
based on 59 Google reviews
Chicago Hair Transplant ClinicChicago4.7
based on 12 Google reviews
Natural Transplants WashingtonWashington5.0
based on 161 Google reviews
Great Hair Transplants MiamiMiami5.0
based on 149 Google reviews
Houston Hair Transplant CenterHouston4.8
based on 82 Google reviews
Best Hair Transplant Los AngelesLos Angeles5.0
based on 31 Google reviews
Medical Hair Clinic & AestheticsLos Gatos4.8
based on 139 Google reviews
Dr. Sean BehnamLos Angeles5.0
based on 140 Google reviews

Dean’s hair transplant experience

Find the best hair transplant clinics nearby

Although the USA has some of the best hair transplant clinics, you still have several options for treatment around the world.


What is the best hair transplant clinic in the USA?

The best hair transplant clinics will come highly recommended by patients, have years of experience in the industry, and offer a variety of surgeries and techniques. Clinics such as Nova Medical, Houston Hair Transplant Center, and Bosley Hair clinic come highly recommended.