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Hair transplant in the UK has become increasingly popular: the number of patients undergoing procedures rose by 40% during the pandemic, and patients have more treatment methods to choose from than ever.

HairPalace has conducted in-depth research to bring you the essential details on the TOP 10 hair clinics in the UK.

Our findings will help you understand which clinics are best for you, your budget, and your goals.

Fast facts you have to know before a hair transplant

Hair transplant in the UK
TechniquesFUT, FUE and DHI
Duration of surgery6 to 8 hours
Anaesthesialocal anaesthesia
Painnone to slight
Potential side effectsswelling, redness, numbness of scalp
Scarringpractically undetectable
RecoveryFUE and DHI: 7-10 days, FUT: around 10-14 days
Return to workin 2-5 days
Exercisefrom 3-4 weeks post-op
Hair wash2 weeks after treatment
Resultin 12-15 months

Hair transplant FUE UK experience

See what it’s like to get a men’s hair transplant UK treatment at the Maitland clinic.

Hair transplant UK price comparison

We’ve compared the hair transplant prices at the TOP 10 hair transplant clinics in the UK.

We have checked the costs for both smaller sessions and more extensive hair transplant procedures, with 3000 and 5000 hairs respectively.

Clinic name5000 hairs price
(2500 grafts)
Google reviews
1. London Hair Transplant Clinic£ 85004.9 
267 reviews
2. Wimpole Hair Transplant Clinic£ 70004.9 
122 reviews
3. The Hair Doctor£ 75004.8 
134 reviews
4. The Kensington Hair Clinic£ 80004.9
51 reviews
5. Harley Street Hair Clinic£ 90004.3 
63 reviews
6. Farjo Hair Institute£ 85004.4 
32 reviews
7. Westminster Medical Group£ 74005.0 
23 reviews
8. The Maitland Clinic£ 125004.6 
12 reviews
9. The Private Clinic£ 125004.1 
199 reviews
10. DHI Medical Group£ 110004.2 
59 reviews

The prices are based on information provided by doctors, users or other portals. The actual prices can only be determined after a medical consultation, taking into account the physical requirements and individual wishes.

The TOP 10 Hair Transplant Clinics in the UK

We’ve compared the 10 best hair transplant clinics based on their Google reviews to help you find the best hair loss treatment in the UK.

Take a look at how hair clinics rank based on the reviews they receive from their patients.

  1. London Hair Transplant Clinic
  2. Wimpole Hair Transplant Clinic
  3. The Hair Doctor
  4. The Kensington Hair Clinic
  5. Harley Street Hair Clinic
  6. Farjo Hair Institute
  7. Westminster Medical Group
  8. The Maitland Clinic
  9. The Private Clinic
  10. DHI Medical Group

1. London Hair Transplant Clinic

The London Hair Transplant clinic is an excellent destination for a hair transplant UK

114A High Street,
Edgware, London

Method: FUE

Prices:  3000 hairs = £ 5000, 5000 hairs = £ 8500

Performed by: Dr. Maziar Sadri and his team

Reviews: 4.9 based on 267 Google reviews

Website: www.londonhairtransplantclinic.uk

London Hair Transplant Clinic provides a range of treatments for male pattern baldness and general cosmetic solutions. Patients can undergo FUE procedures, PRP for hair loss, Botox injections, dermal fillers, and more.

Its team specializes in various aesthetic solutions using numerous popular techniques.

2. Wimpole Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplant UK at the Wimpole clinic

22 Harley Street,
First Floor, London

Method: FUE, FUT

Prices:  3000 hairs = £ 4500, 5000 hairs = £ 7000

Performed by: Michael May and his surgical team

Reviews: 4.9 based on 122 Google reviews

Website: www.wimpoleclinic.com

The Wimpole Clinic opened its doors in 1975 and has performed more than 10,000 hair transplants since.

Its team of senior surgeons has worked together for more than 20 years. The clinic also pioneers new treatments and programs for hair loss. Furthermore, they’re among the few clinics that also offer female hair loss treatments.

3. The Hair Doctor

The Hair doctor is one of the best hair transplant clinics in the UK


10 Harley St,

Method: FUE, FUT

Prices: 3000 hairs = £ 4500, 5000 hairs = £ 7500

Performed by: CQC-registered medical providers

Reviews: 4.8 based on 134 Google reviews

Website: www.hairdr.co.uk

The Hair Dr has several hair clinics throughout the UK. It’s a private, independent company performing multiple types of hair diagnostic services and restoration treatments for thinning hair.

Patients can undergo FUT, FUE, BHFUE (Body Hair Follicular Unit Extraction), and beard, eyelash, or eyebrow transplants.

The clinics are in:

  • London
  • Yorkshire
  • Newcastle
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow

4. The Kensington Hair Clinic

For a hair transplant UK, the Kensington hair clinic might just be the ideal choice

10 Knaresborough Place
Kensington, London

Method: FUE, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), and combination surgeries

Prices:  3000 hairs = £ 6200, 5000 hairs = £ 8000

Performed by: Dr Shipu Zama

Reviews: 4.9 based on 51 Google reviews

Website: www.kensingtonhairclinic.com

Kensington Hair Clinic is located at the Medical Chambers Kensington, registered with (and inspected by) the UK Government’s Care Quality Commission (CQC).

It offers FUE, FUT, and combination surgeries to restore hair growth in balding areas. Kensington Hair Clinic also provides transplants for body hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

5. Harley Street Hair Clinic

Harley Street Hair clinic is one of the msot well known clinics for a UK hair transplant

75 Wimpole Street,
W1 G 9RS

Method: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Prices:  3000 hairs = £ 6500, 5000 hairs = £ 9000

Performed by: GMC-registered physicians

Reviews: 4.3 based on 63 Google reviews

Website: www.hshairclinic.co.uk

When it comes to hair transplant surgery in the UK, Harley Street Hair Clinic is one of the foremost providers.

Its GMC-registered physicians (not nurses) perform each FUE hair transplant, providing treatments for both male and female hair loss.

Harley Street Hair Clinic is recognised for pioneering the use of the FUE hair transplant procedure in the UK.

6. Farjo Hair Institute

The Farjo institute is a reputable clinic for a hair transplant in the UK


152 Harley St,

Method: FUE, FUT

Prices: 3000 hairs = £ 5500, 5000 hairs = £ 8500

Performed by: Team of 4 surgeons

Reviews: 4.4 based on 32 Google reviews

Website: www.farjo.com

The Farjo Hair Institute performs various surgical and non-surgical treatments, including FUE, FUT, PRP, and low-level laser therapy.

It also provides scalp micropigmentation and hair follicle banking by HairClone.

This UK hair transplant clinic offers hair transplant services in both Manchester and London.

7. Westminster Medical Group

Westminster Medical Group is among the best hair transplant clinics in the UK


134 Harley Street

Method: FUE, FUT

Prices:  3000 hairs = £ 5200, 5000 hairs = £ 7400

Performed by: A team of hair transplant doctors and technicians

Reviews: 5.0 based on 23 Google reviews

Website: www.wmglondon.com

Westminster Medical Group’s treatment portfolio includes FUE, FUT, SMP procedures, and eyebrow hair loss solutions.

Its surgeons are registered with the GMC, BAHRS, ISHRS, and other bodies.

8. The Maitland Clinic

The maitland clinic is a well know establishment in the UK hair transplant industry

1000 Lakeside North Harbour,
Western Road, Portsmouth

Method: FUE, FUT

Prices:  3000 hairs = £ 7500, 5000 hairs = £ 12500

Performed by: Registered nurses and hair technicians

Reviews: 5.0 based on 12 Google reviews

Website: www.themaitlandclinic.com

The Maitland Clinic was founded by Dr Edward Maitland Ball, one of the UK’s top hair surgeons.

Its treatments include FUT and FUE hair transplants, laser treatments, and more. Hair transplant women UK treatments are also available so the clinic is a great choice for both men and women.

9. The Private Clinic

The private clinic is located in London on the famous Harley Street

98 Harley St,

Method: FUE

Prices:  3000 hairs = £ 7500, 5000 hairs = £ 12500

Performed by: GMC-registered surgeons and nurses

Reviews: 4.1 based on 199 Google reviews

Website: www.theprivateclinic.co.uk

The Private Clinic was launched in 1983. It operates clinics across the UK and specialises in diverse cosmetic treatments (including breast enlargements, facelifts, and laser hair removal).

The clinics are in:

  • London Harley Street
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Milton Keynes
  • Northampton
  • London Hospital
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Bournemouth

10. DHI Medical Group

DHI Medicla Group are the founders od the DHI method and one of the best destinations for a hair transplant UK


43 New Cavendish St.,

Method: Direct Hair Implantation

Prices: 3000 hairs = £ 7000, 5000 hairs = £ 11000

Performed by: Doctors and assistants

Reviews: 4.2 based on 59 Google reviews

Website: www.dhiglobal.com

DHI Global was established in 1970, and has 75 centres worldwide. It has treated more than 250,000 patients since it was founded.

DHI Global is known for its unique Direct Hair Implantation technique perfectly suited for your men’s hair transplant UK surgery.

Men’s hair loss treatment UK: Review comparison

UK hair transplant clinic reviews can provide you with valuable information on the level of service and care you can expect.

Take a look at the best hair transplant UK clinics based on their reviews.

Clinic nameCityGoogle rating
Harley Street Hair ClinicLondon4.3
based on 63 Google reviews
The Kensington Hair ClinicLondon4.9
based on 51 Google reviews
London Hair Transplant ClinicLondon4.9
based on 267 Google reviews
Wimpole Hair Transplant ClinicLondon4.9
based on 122 Google reviews
The Maitland ClinicPortsmouth5.0
based on 12 Google reviews
The Private ClinicBirmingham4.1
based on 199 Google reviews
Westminster Medical GroupLondon5.0
based on 23 Google reviews
DHI Medical GroupLondon4.2
based on 59 Google reviews
Farjo Hair InstituteManchester4.4
based on 32 Google reviews
The Hair DoctorLeeds4.8
based on 134 Google reviews

How to choose the right clinic

What is included in the hair transplant package in the UK?

Most clinics work with package prices; however, the services included might differ. In general, hair transplant costs in the UK include:

  • consultation on the day with the surgeon
  • surgery
  • medication
  • aftercare

Hair transplant UK before and after

This hair transplant before and after UK video follows the first 6 months of a hair transplant patient’s recovery.

The advantages and disadvantages of UK hair transplants

More and more men decide to have hair transplant surgery every year. But is the UK the best destination for a hair restoration procedure?


  • hair clinics in most major cities
  • no or minimal travel required
  • clinics are well regulated
  • in-person check-ups available


  • expensive procedures
  • prices include only the surgery and the necessary medication
  • the same quality hair transplant is cheaper abroad
  • long waiting lists
  • clinics might charge separately for consultations and check-up appointments

From prices to quality, there is a lot to consider before you make a decision about your surgery.

It is recommended to take some time and explore your options in the UK and abroad to find the best clinic for your procedure.

Is an FUE hair transplant worth it?

Listen to Dr Russell Knudsen and Dr Vikram Jaya Prakash as they list the pros and cons of choosing the FUE technique.

TOP 3 hair restoration techniques in the UK

Various hair transplant methods are available across the UK to meet the increasing demand for surgical hair loss treatments.

And naturally, patients prefer less invasive methods. As a result, the FUE technique has become the most popular in the past few years.

FUT, FUE and combined methods

Besides the FUE, doctors may recommend the DHI or FUT technique for your hair transplant in the UK.

1. FUE hair transplant in the UK

The latest FUE hair transplants offer lasting results with greater patient comfort and virtually undetectable scarring. The procedure has 2 phases.

First, the surgeon harvests the hair follicles one by one with a micro punch. Then in the 2nd phase, they open channels in the recipient area and implant the grafts.

This method is widely popular due to its various advantages and the excellent hair transplant results that it produces.

2. DHI hair restoration

A DHI hair transplant is performed almost the same as an FUE procedure.

However, with DHI, there are no channels made before the implantation.

Instead, it uses a special implanter pen to insert the follicles directly into the thinning areas.

3. FUT or strip hair transplant

The FUT technique also offers a permanent result, but it is more invasive than the others.

The surgeon cuts a long, narrow strip from the donor area to extract the required number of grafts.

As a result, FUT leaves a linear scar that can be visible with short hair.

Hair transplant UK: 3 steps for a successful procedure

  1. Consultation: Your hair transplant in the UK will always start with a no-obligation consultation where you will have a chance to talk to the surgeon about your concerns and ask your questions.
  2. Treatment: You will arrive at your clinic in the morning where your hair will be cut short and you will also receive some medication before the start of the actual transplant.
  3. Aftercare: Following the procedure you will have to follow strict aftercare guidelines, and refrain from activities such as strenuous exercise, sunlight and anything that may pose a threat to your grafts.

How is hair restoration in the UK performed?

First, the team will prep you for the procedure: you will have to take some medication, and they will shave your hair.

Following a consultation with your surgeon, the procedure will begin.

  • The doctor will disinfect your scalp and administer lidocaine injections.
  • Once the donor area is numb, the surgeon will extract certain hair follicles that possess the right characteristics.
  • Usually, after the extraction is complete, there is a short lunch break.
  • The second part of the surgery is implantation. Again, they will disinfect and numb the recipient area.
  • Then they open channels and implant the grafts into the areas with thinning hair.

The surgery will take around 6-8 hours in total.

After the surgery is finished, the surgeon will guide you through the aftercare instructions and will give you the medication you need to take during recovery.

Once the team ensures that you are feeling well, you can return home.

What is the aftercare process like?

For a few weeks after your hair transplantation in the UK, you will have to follow a strict aftercare regimen.

Your surgeon will likely instruct you to:

  • use a sterile saline spray
  • take antibiotics
  • not wear hats or scarfs on your head

Having a swollen scalp and experiencing scabbing and redness is to be expected, for this reason, it’s best to take a few days off work so you can heal up properly.

The small wound will heal quickly, in 10-14 days, but full recovery will take longer. 

To ensure that your scalp heals well, you will have to treat it gently and prevent irritation. Furthermore, you will have to avoid exercising, tanning and swimming for 3-4 weeks.

From around 1 month post-surgery, the implanted hairs will fall out. The regrowth will begin at the 3-4 months mark and you will experience a gradual increase in the density of your hair.

The final result is expected around 12 months after surgery.

Hair transplant near me

Besides having your hairline transplant in the UK at one of the clinics above, you have several more options across the country and abroad:

Would you like a detailed offer? Are you wondering if you can get a good result with the procedure?

Take 2 minutes to fill out our online hair analysis, and get tailored advice!


What is the best place in the UK to get a hair transplant? 

Patients considering a hair transplant in the UK are likely to consider some of the most well-known clinics, such as Harley Street Hair Clinic, The Kensington Hair Clinic, Westminster Medical Group, etc.

Who is the best hair transplant surgeon in the UK? 

Hair transplant by Dr Mark Tam is generally regarded as a leading choice for a hair transplant in the UK. He specialises in FUE transplants, has received a number of awards, and has been voted London’s number-one hair transplant surgeon for three consecutive years. However, hair transplants in London can be incredibly expensive, especially at high-end clinics.

How long does a hair transplant take UK? 

A hair transplant can take as long as eight hours. Patients usually receive a local anaesthetic.