1. Before the hair transplants
  2. Alex’s FUE2 hair transplant
  3. The post-op period
  4. The recovery between the 1st and the 6th month
  5. A year after the surgery
  6. Alex’s second hair transplant

We always love to learn how happy our patients are with the result of their hair transplants.

Alex had two hair transplants with us over the years; he first visited our clinic in 2017, then in 2019.

We transplanted 10 340 hairs to the areas bothering him, restoring the youthful density of his hair. And the result left Alex in awe. Receiving his feedback, we requested his permission to share his story with you.

Read on to find out more about Alex’s treatment!

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Before the hair transplants

Alex first contacted us in August 2017. He was bothered that his hairline has crawled back and wanted to get back to his younger look. So we invited him to a consultation to assess his condition.

During the 20-30-minute appointment, we examine the extent of the hair loss and the condition of the scalp.

Additionally, we thoroughly check the size and quality of the donor area at the back of the head, because we harvest the hairs from this part of the scalp.

Alex' thinned out front before the surgical hair restoration
The thinned out areas before Alex’s hair transplant

After discussing his expectations, we sketched the new, lower hairline that Alex preferred. We found that he would need around 6000 hairs to achieve a good result.

Once he got his detailed treatment plan, Alex told us that he is ready to book his surgery.

As always, we also requested Alex to have some blood tests done to make sure there are no issues that could affect the procedure or its outcome.

While we also offer to have these tests arranged in Budapest (if the health questionnaire doesn’t indicate otherwise), Alex scheduled them through his GP. As his results came back in order, we could proceed with the treatment as planned.

Alex’s FUE2 hair transplant

We carried out the procedure on the 23rd of October 2017.

We used the FUE2 technique, meaning that we extract and implant the hairs one by one.

The donor area is at the back of the head, above the nape of the neck. The hairs growing hair are unaffected by the hormones responsible for male pattern baldness. As a result, these hairs will remain permanent after implanting them in a new area.

The donor hairs are extracted with a special micro-punch; after cleaning them, the hairs are implanted in the thinning areas with an implanter ending in a very fine needle.

In order to bring Alex’s hairline lower and build up the density, we implanted 5200 hairs to the front and 850 hairs to the middle portion of the top.

Naturally, transplanting this amount takes a while. With 6000 hairs, the treatment requires 2 days, taking around 6-7 hours each day. To ensure that patients spend these hours without experiencing pain or discomfort, we use local anaesthesia.

Alex took the surgery well – he got to know the team and the whole process through the 2 days.

minutes after the FUE hair transplant
Photos taken right after the surgery showing the implanted hairs

The post-op period

Only a few hours after the surgery, patients have to remove the bandage from the donor area.

It’s crucial to let the new implants anchor in undisturbed. As such, patients cannot touch or wash the implanted area during the first week.

In this period, only the sterile saline solution can be applied to the scalp.

We hold the first check-up a week after the surgery. In Alex’s case, the implanted area progressed well; we could see he followed the instructions accurately. As we can see below, the scabs were still there, showing where the hairs were implanted.

check-up photo a week after surgery
Alex’s scalp with the scabs visible 1 week after the hair transplant

After the first check-up, patients must start soaking the scabs off. We recommend soaking the scalp in lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes until the scabs soften up. Then a gentle massage can be applied to help them come off. Baby shampoo can be used from the 3rd week to wash the scalp and the hair.

The recovery between the 1st and the 6th month

By the end of the 3rd post-op week, all scabs must disappear. Around this time, the implanted hairs start to fall out.

There is no need to worry: it is natural at this point of the process. It is the result of the implanted roots entering the resting phase of their growth cycle.

3 week check-up
After 3 weeks, the implanted hairs start to fall out

The first signs of new growth will appear around the 3-4th post-op month as the first roots enter the anagen stage, and start producing hairs.

At the 6 months’ check-up, we saw how much the density improved – and Alex was excited to see the change.

check up 6 months after hair transplantation
A few months after the hair transplant, the density visibly improves

A year after the surgery

For the 1-year check-up, we asked Alex to send us photos, so we could assess the outcome.

And the change was well visible.

The 6050 hairs grew out well, and the density improved significantly.

before and after the fue hair transplant
Alex before and a year after his first surgery

Alex’s second hair transplant

Alex returned for a consultation in the autumn of 2019. He explained that ideally, he would like to address the thinned out areas at the crown and the mid-top too.

We examined his hair and scalp and thoroughly discussed the distribution to find the best solution.

The procedure was carried out on the 7th of November 2019. We implanted 4000 hairs to the crown, and 290 hairs to the mid-top.

areas implanted in the second session
The freshly implanted area after the 2nd surgery

The surgery went well this time too, and Alex found that the treatment flew by quick.

After the day ended, we discussed the aftercare instructions and milestones of the post-op progress again, but Alex remembered most of it perfectly.

The healing progressed as it should, and Alex attended the regular check-ups just like after the first treatment.

A year later, in November 2020 we received his photos for the last check-up, to evaluate the result.

We found everything in order, and the hairs have grown out perfectly:

Alex successful hair transplant
Result of hair restoration
Remarkable change: Alex got back his hairline and the youthful density of his hair

Alex explained that he is thrilled with the result and shared his feedback on Trustpilot too:

“Complete support from A to Z, and impeccable quality of care for an unbeatable price in Europe.

A driver will pick you up at the airport to take you to your accommodation, which is only 15 minutes’ walk from the clinic. An interpreter accompanies you during the treatment.

Had my second operation with this clinic, and I am fully satisfied with the services. I recommend without hesitation.”