1. Derek’s FUE2 procedures
  2. About the post-op care
  3. The results

Derek gave us a call in January 2018. He explained to our colleagues that over the years, his hair loss left him with low density all over the top of his scalp. He was ready to take the necessary steps to restore his hair, and he was interested in his options with a hair transplant surgery.

For a thorough assessment, we invited him to a consultation.

During the appointment, we examined his hair and scalp and assessed the quality of his donor area.

Derek baldness before hair transplant
Derek had lost much of the density at the top

To improve the density all over, Derek needed multiple sessions. We explained that with the first procedure, a realistic goal would be to build out the hairline and the front with around 5000 hairs. Then, with further sessions, we could continue the implantation towards the back.

Derek agreed to the proposed treatment plan and booked his surgery with us.

Eventually, he visited us for three procedures. And thanks to the 14758 implanted hairs, he got back the density of his hair.

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Derek’s FUE2 procedures

At HairPalace, we use the FUE2 Safe System technique, which is the most advanced and the most effective method available.

During the treatment, we extract the hairs from the donor area above the nape of the neck and implant them to the thinned out areas one by one.

We only work in the upper layers of the skin using a micro-punch. As a result, compared to other techniques, the FUE2 is virtually scar-free.

Local anaesthesia is used, so patients experience minimal discomfort throughout the surgery.

We carried out Derek’ first hair transplant on the 11th of April 2018. In total, 5527 hairs were implanted to the hairline and front.

After FUE2 hair transplant surgery
Size of the recipient area treated during the first session

Derek took the surgery well and spent the long hours in a great mood.

He was glad that he could spend a few days beforehand exploring Budapest a bit.

With multi-session hair transplants, patients must wait a several months between procedures. It is crucial to give enough time for the scalp to heal and the implanted hairs to anchor in and grow.

As we moved on to treat a different part of the scalp, we could arrange Derek’s second procedure for the 12th of December 2018. This time, continuing the implantation at the crown, we transplanted 5201 hairs.

The second treatment went just as well as the first and Derek slept through most of it.

Derek’s third treatment was scheduled for the 9th of November 2019. By this time, the result of his second surgery was well visible, and he was ready to further improve the density at the crown. We did just that with the transplantation of 4030 hairs.

About the post-op care

After surgery, patients have to pay extra care for the implanted area. Right after the treatment, they have to start using a sterile saline solution aiding the recovery.

During the first week, nothing can touch the scalp, so the small wounds can close up undisturbed.

At this point, the small scabs are still visible; they will disappear gradually during the second post-op week.

Scabs 1 week after the hair transplant
Scabs on the recipient zone a week after the surgery

Around a month after the surgery, patients can continue with their usual hair care routine.

From then on, as the natural part of the process, the implanted hairs will fall out. It is the result of the roots entering a resting phase – the new hair growth will begin from around the 4th post-op month.

The results

The result of a hair transplant is complete 12-15 months after the procedure. We have the last check-up at the 1-year mark; we arrange a hair transplant examination and discuss the patient’s experiences.

Derek’s procedures were very successful, the implanted hairs grew out well each time.

He was very happy with the outcome of his treatments.

Take a look at how his hair was transformed after the three hair transplants:

FUE hair restoration step by step
Derek’s hair before the hair restoration, then after his first, second and third hair transplants
Derek’s incredible transformation
Derek’s incredible transformation

„…I am very happy with the results. You can get cheaper deal in places like Turkey, Egypt etc but I wanted a clinic with a high reputation and this clinic justifies its reputation.
I would strongly recommend this clinic to anyone who is thinking of a hair transplant. You will be in good hands and you will have peace of mind!”