Hair Transplant in Birmingham – TOP 5 Clinics in 2022

Here are the TOP 5 Clinics in Birmingham:

  1. Hair Growth Centre
  2. Este Medical Group
  3. Enhance Hair Restoration
  4. HLC: The Hair Loss Clinic
  5. The Private Clinic

A hair transplant in Birmingham could be the ideal solution if you’re losing your hair and want to permanently restore growth in thinning or bald areas.

And Birmingham has several respected hair clinics for you to choose from.

Various techniques are available, comprising traditional and state-of-the-art options. Prices differ from one clinic to the next — not to mention the quality of the results.

Some clinics provide patients with a better experience and more effective treatments than others. Sadly, picking the wrong one could leave you with unsatisfying hair restoration that looks unnatural and fails to achieve the coverage you hope for.

That’s why it’s so important to research Birmingham hair clinics carefully, so you can make a fully informed choice.

And while it’s easier to explore local clinics than ever, you may not know where to start your search when you have so many options to choose from.

But HairPalace will make it simpler for you with this guide to the TOP 5 hair transplant clinics in Birmingham!

We’ll compare each clinic based on specific criteria, including treatment prices, transplant methods, staff, and more. Read on for all the information you need on Birmingham’s finest hair clinics.

Hair transplant cost in Birmingham: Price Comparison

We’ve compared the hair transplant costs at the TOP 5 hair clinics in Birmingham. Most clinics work with package prices; however, the services included might differ.

Clinic nameHair transplant method3000 hairs price
(1500 grafts)
5000 hairs price
(2500 grafts)
Hair Growth CentreFUE£ 4500£ 6500
Este Medical GroupFUE£ 3700£ 6300
Enhance Hair ClinicFUE£ 3500£ 5500
The Hair Loss ClinicFUE£ 5000£ 7000
The Private ClinicFUE£ 7500£ 12500
HairPalace HungaryFUE£ 1790£ 2190

The prices are based on information provided by doctors, users or other portals. The actual prices can only be determined after a medical consultation, taking into account the physical requirements and individual wishes.

Hair transplant in Birmingham: Reviews Comparison

We’ve compared for you the 5 best hair transplant clinics in Birmingham based on their Google reviews. Find out which hair clinic got the most and the best reviews from their patients.

Clinic nameCityGoogle rating
Hair Growth CentreBirmingham4.6
based on 59 Google reviews
Este Medical GroupBirmingham4.8
based on 1225 Google reviews
Enhance Hair ClinicBirmingham4.7
based on 12 Google reviews
The Hair Loss ClinicBirmingham4.6
based on 33 Google reviews
The Private ClinicBirmingham4.2
based on 52 Google reviews
HairPalace HungaryBudapest4.9
based on 244 Google reviews

1. Hair Growth Centre

Unit 9 The Cloisters
11 – 12 George Road
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 1NP

Treatments: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 4500, 5000 hairs = £ 6500

Treatments performed by: 7 hair transplant doctors

Rating: 4.6 based on 59 Google reviews


Hair Growth Centre is one of the UK’s biggest hair restoration brands, and has clinics in Manchester, London, and Essex. It invests in an extensive training program for its surgeons, and provides tailored treatments based on each patient’s stage of hair loss.

Hair Growth Centre offers a diverse range of treatments for males and females. Options include:

  • Afro hair transplants
  • Eyebrow transplants
  • Beard transplants
  • Hair transplant scar removal
  • Non-surgical micro grafting
  • PRP method
  • Intense photo-diode therapy

The Hair Growth Centre has 7 experienced surgeons available to perform treatments and advise you about a hair transplant in Birmingham.

2. Este Medical Group

9 Portland Rd
B16 9HN

Treatments: FUE, DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 3700, 5000 hairs = £ 6300

Treatments performed by: Team of consultants

Rating: 4.8 based on 1225 Google reviews


The Este Medical Group was established more than 20 years ago, founded by Managing Director Sam Cinkir. The company has achieved significant success since it began treating patients, and has several reputable clinics across the globe.

Patients can visit the Este Medical Group for a hair transplant in Birmingham, Glasgow, Istanbul, Romania, Milan, Bangladesh, and other UK cities.

You can choose from either FUE or DHI hair transplant to treat numerous conditions, such as male pattern hair loss. But the clinic also provides:

  • Beard transplants
  • Eyebrow transplants
  • Laser hair regrowth

The Este Medical Group specialises in treatments for males and females. Its international team comprises more than 300 professionals.

3. Enhance Hair Restoration

60 Halesowen Rd
Lydiate Ash, Bromsgrove
B61 0QL

Treatments: FUE, FUT hair transplant, Smart Graft Transplants, Robotic Hair Restoration

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 3500, 5000 hairs = £ 5500

Treatments performed by: Dr. Peter Williams, Dr. Ganesh Krishnan, and additional team members

Rating: 4.7 based on 12 Google reviews


Enhance Hair Restoration is a privately owned company with multiple UK locations beyond Birmingham, including Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff, and Belfast. Patients can choose from the following hair transplant options:

  • FUE
  • FUT
  • Robotic Hair Restoration (ARTAS)
  • Smart Graft Transplants

The clinic also offers non-surgical treatments and scalp micropigmentation for those who would prefer to avoid invasive solutions. The ARTAS system enables surgeons to perform transplants using a precise robotic tool. You can also opt for an FUT or FUE hair transplant in Birmingham.

Enhance Hair Restoration’s treatments are performed and overseen by Dr. Peter Williams and Dr. Ganesh Krishnan. Dr. Williams has performed hair restoration and cosmetic treatments for more than a decade. He has helped thousands of patients in the UK with hair transplants.

Dr. Krishnan is a registered member of the General Medical Council (GMC), American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ABHRS), and other notable organizations.

4. HLC: The Hair Loss Clinic

Pure Offices Ltd,
Broadwell Road,
Oldbury, West Midlands
B69 4BY

Treatments: FUE

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 5000, 5000 hairs = £ 7000

Treatments performed by: Surgeons

Rating: 4.6 based on 33 Google reviews


HLC was launched to bring cutting-edge hair loss treatments to the UK, and the franchise has since opened 25 clinics throughout the country. Patients can visit HLC in Bolton, Carlisle, Brighton, Chester, Leicester, London, Newcastle, and Liverpool.

Besides hair transplants in Birmingham, HLC treats patients with surgical and non-surgical procedures, and receives referrals from professionals in varied areas (e.g., doctors, beauticians).

HLC’s portfolio of treatments includes:

  • FUE
  • Unique Hair Replacement Systems for females experiencing hair loss
  • Laser Hair Retention

HLC’s website includes a wealth of stories from satisfied customers, offering an insight into the results previous patients have achieved.

The franchise is continually expanding and adding to its list of clinics, and invites franchisees from the UK and Europe to operate new branches under the HLC name.

5. The Private Clinic

88 Hagley Road
B16 8LU

Treatments: UFUE (Unshaven FUE)

Costs: 3000 hairs = £ 7500, 5000 hairs = £ 12500

Treatments performed by: Mr. Michael Mouzakis, Dr. Ismail Ughratdar, Dr. Furqan Raja, Dr. Raghu Reddy

Rating: 4.2 based on 52 Google reviews


The Private Clinic was established in 1983, and treats patients with hair transplants, body sculpting, cosmetic surgery, and more. Its selection of surgical and non-surgical hair loss solutions encompasses:

Its team of surgeons and doctors are trained in a broad spectrum of cosmetic treatments, from hair transplants to dermal fillers. The Private Clinic is also known for breast augmentation, VASER liposuction, rhinoplasty, and a host of other aesthetic treatments.

The Private Clinic’s website offers patients considering hair loss detailed information on its transplants. The consultation process, the FUE procedure, and aftercare are all covered.

And The Private Clinic’s roster of surgeons and doctors is vast. It comprises dozens of specialists trained in hair restoration, reconstructive surgery, liposuction procedures, and more.

Are you looking for hair transplant clinics near you?

In case having your hair transplant in Birmingham is not ideal, you have several more options across the country and abroad. Check out the following hair transplant clinics!