During the hair restoration surgery our patient received 3000 hairs. This number of hairs can be implanted in a day. We implanted 2000 hairs on the Zone 3, and 1000 hairs on the Zone 1. The head is divided in 3 zones to clearly see the place where we want to implant hairs.

The 3 zones where we can implant hairs.

So we densified the back of the head, and changed the hair line. This case was special as the patient had already 2 interventions via the method FUT. You can see the 2 scars on the next picture, and you also can see Zone 3 before the intervention:

Cicatrices aprés la méthode FUT/bandelette.

As he had already 2 surgeries, the number of hairs we could implant was limited. Take a look at the Zone 1 where we covered the sides and densified the middle part.

HairPalace's patient before hair transplantation

Let’s see his scalp after the hair surgery at HairPalace clinic:

patient hairpalace after hair surgery

He told us something before he left our clinic: 

” Thanks to the whole team ! “

After they left the clinic, we ask our patients to send us some photos to see how the scalp heals. Here’s the 1st photo of Cyril a week after the treatment:

Picture of a patient a week after the hair transplantation.

We send the control photos to our doctor to evaluate the results. In this case everything was ok, and that little redness you could see on the previous photo disappeared. On the next photo he sent 3 weeks after his hair transplant we can’t see any inflammation.

Patient 3 weeks after a hair transplantation.

Usually the implanted hairs fall out around the third month after the surgery, but don’t worry, this is natural, the follicles stay under the skin and they will produce new hairs soon:

Result 3 months after the surgery.

We couldn’t wait his next photo that he sent us 6 months after the surgery. The final result can be achieved 1 year after the surgery.

Result 6 months after the hair transplant surgery.


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