Is your hair starting to thin?

This can be incredibly tough to face. You may feel this is a sign of your body entering a more advanced, unwanted stage of ageing.

On the other hand, perhaps you take great pride in your hair and view its loss as a traumatic change.

However, you no longer need to just accept hair loss. Multiple hair restoration solutions are available today, courtesy of innovative research and technology.

Hair restoration products may be ointments formulated with chemical- or herbal-based recipes, medicines or hair pieces.

While each of these provides a specific path to combatting hair loss, they do so in a different way and may be used at varying stages of the hair loss process.

Let’s take a closer look at the hair restoration options open to you on today’s market.

Hair loss in its starting stages

When you start to notice hair loss on the scalp, there are multiple mild solutions available depending on how severe your individual case is.

Numerous factors lie at the root of hair loss.

It may be triggered by stress or a temporary weakness of the respective follicles.

In the latter case, you can treat your condition by applying herbal shampoos (or ‘hair water’) to your hair, as well as chemical preparations.

Each of these can provide your follicles with valuable nutrients.

This strengthens the follicles, ultimately helping to make them healthier and able to generate new or thicker hairs.

Hair thickening sprays offer a visual enhancement only, rather than actually helping to revive the follicles.

Hair thickening sprays make your hair look denser, solving the problem at a temporary visual level.

However, if your hair loss displays an androgenic pattern, it’s likely caused by the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

When the hair follicles have gone without exposure to this hormone for some time, the loss can be controlled by drugs that prevent the body from producing DHT.

One disadvantage of this option is that if you stop taking the medicine, the hair loss will continue after a few months.

This solution demands you take this medicine on a permanent basis.

This raises the question of potential side effects related to long-term use of the medicine, which may put some patients off.

Hair loss in its advanced stages

What if you can’t stop your hair loss and your balding zones are already visible?

You have fewer options than someone in the starting stages — but you can still solve the problem.

Hair transplant surgery such as FUE (follicular unit extraction) performed by qualified, highly-trained specialists, has the power to restore thinning hair to its former glory.

This involves taking healthy follicles from the back and sides of the head and implanting them in areas affected by hair loss.

This is a permanent solution if your hair loss is advanced.

HairPalace uses the safest, most innovative hair transplant surgery technique: the FUE 2 SafeSystem.

Loss triggered by stress or certain medicines may be tackled with hair pieces or hair thickening sprays.

Want to know more about how our experienced hair transplant surgery specialists can help you regain a youthful hairline? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!