Hair Transplant Costs : London, UK Versus Hungary

At HairPalace Hair Transplant Clinic, we’re dedicated to providing you with unbeatable hair restoration treatment.

We employ cutting-edge FUE2 Safe System technology to give you a natural, youthful head of hair that lasts for the rest of your life (according to the genetic program in the target area).

As our expert surgeons are based in Budapest, Hungary, we also deliver a much more cost-effective service compared to competitors in the UK.

Below, we take a closer look at our pricing tiers and help you understand why HairPalace is the only option worth your money.

The Benefits of Undergoing Hair Transplants in the UK

Hair loss affects millions of people around the world, including a great many British adults.

If you’re based in Great Britain, you will have access to a number of different clinics providing hair restoration treatment, possibly in your local area. However, this tends to be incredibly expensive, with surgery performed using the FUE2 Safe System costing as much as £8,400 for the largest package.

British clinics can be very comfortable, in familiar surroundings (depending on the city your treatment is performed in). Travel costs may be low if you’re able to simply drive to the clinic or take a quick train, without any demand to fly to another country.

Another benefit is that your surgeon and their medical team will all speak fluent English.

Hair Transplants in Hungary

Why should you fly to Budapest from the UK for your FUE2 Safe System hair transplant?

There are several irresistible reasons.

First and foremost, the price. As Hungarian salaries are lower than those in the UK, the clinic’s overheads are lower – equating to a substantial saving for yourself (see below). However, the lower wages are no reflection on the quality of service and care you will receive.

Medical education and regulations are just as strong as they are in the UK (and other EU member nations). You can enjoy the peace of mind that only comes with being in the best hands.

Secondly, you will be provided with a premium apartment in which to stay during your trip to Budapest. This is comfortable, secure, and equipped with all you need to enjoy your post-surgery period.

HairPalace Hair Transplant Clinic takes good care of you from the start of your time with us to the end. We know flying to Hungary just to meet our surgeons would be inconvenient – so you can undergo an evaluation with our colleagues in London first.

Once you arrive in Budapest, you will receive safe airport transfers, and quality post-operative follow-up services.

What does this mean? You will receive a comprehensive medical check-up at the first and third week following treatment. Further assessments are performed three months, six months, and twelve months after the transplant. All sessions are included in your package.

On top of all this, your surgery comes complete with a guarantee – if 80% of your implanted hair fails to grow within the first year of your procedure, you will undergo re-implantation for the lost hairs at no extra cost.

Our clinic is maintained to offer the very highest standards of hygiene, professionalism, and security, for exceptional care at every level. Our staff all speak fluent English too.

Choosing HairPalace will save you between 42% and 60% compared to costs in the UK. This leaves you with much more money to spend elsewhere, possibly even for an extended stay in Budapest. It’s a beautiful, lively city with lots to see and do, not to mention excellent cuisine. You can transform your medical trip into a fun, exciting holiday – with more cash to spend than you might realise.

Flights from London to Budapest are available for below £100, provided you book far enough in advance.

Examining the Costs

You can save significant amounts of money by choosing to undergo your hair transplant with HairPalace – but how much exactly?

Let’s take a look.

Average prices in the UK for FUE2 Safe System transplants:

1000 hairs – £1700

2000 hairs – £3400

3000 hairs – £4700

4000 hairs – £6000

5000 hairs – £7200

6000 hairs – £8400

HairPalace Prices:

1000 hairs – £990 (save £710 or 42%)

2000 hairs – £1390 (save £2010 or 59%)

3000 hairs – £1990 (save £2710 or 58%)

4000 hairs – £2590 (save £34190 or 57%)

5000 hairs – £2990 (save £4210 or 58%)

6000 hairs – £3390 (save £5010 or 60%)

As you can see, choosing HairPalace for your hair transplant in Budapest, Hungary will save you a lot of money.

A lower price doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. We guarantee lasting, natural results that will restore your confidence and youthful hairline.

Case Studies

We have helped more than 1,000 patients get their hair and self-confidence back. Take a look at these previous cases:

Christophe – 4000 hairs

Christophe was experiencing hair loss on the top of his head, and came to HairPalace to undergo cutting-edge hair transplant surgery.

During his two-day treatment at our clinic, Christophe received our 4000 hair package. Our specialist began the procedure by drawing the new hairline into place, to act as a marker during the surgery itself. His head was shaved to help the surgeon ensure complete accuracy.

The frontal zone on Christophe’s scalp was treated using implanted hairs, to create the target hairline he desired.

The results were impressive, and Christophe had only good things to say about HairPalace:

“Thanks for your kindness and patience – the team did a wonderful job, and it’s incredible!”

This would have cost Christophe around £6000 in the UK, but he paid just £2590 at HairPalace.


Gerad began to lose his hair two years before he underwent an FUE2 Safe System hair transplant with us. His baldness was not an extreme case, and so we suggested an 1800 hair treatment.

Ultimately, he opted for 2007 hairs instead. Our assistants counted each hair through a microscope, to ensure only the exact number were used.

Implanting the new hairs into his existing crop was a delicate procedure, but the results were exactly as he had wanted them to be – and he looked like a new man just three months after the treatment.

In the UK, Gerard would have paid just over £3400. At HairPalace, the transplant only cost around £1390.

Trust HairPalace to deliver the outstanding prices, cutting-edge technology, compassionate care, and high standards you expect.

In short: we will take your existing hair – and create a new you.