Hair transplant in Hungary: Costs and Services

FUE hair transplant in Hungary Sam from Budapest

Number of hair transplants: 1

Total number of implanted hairs: 5056 hairs

Sam had experienced thinning at the front and the crown for years. With the procedure, we achieved even density at the top of the head. Case study >

Visit our hair transplant clinic in Hungary for a free consultation!

Before you can get your hair transplant in Hungary, we would like to invite you for a thorough examination. The free hair transplant consultations are available at our hair clinic in Budapest, London or Paris.

In addition, you can meet us in one of our offices across the UK and France. This first step is crucial to ensure that surgical hair restoration is an ideal solution in your case. The examination is carried out by one of our surgeons, with a digital hair density and scalp camera. This way, we can thoroughly assess your condition and needs, so we can advise you accurately about the treatment.

After the examination, you will get a treatment plan tailored to your needs, complete with a quote. Our facilities allow us to aid you throughout your whole hair transplant in Hungary. The examination and procedure rooms feature state of the art medical equipment. 

Besides providing the required privacy and comfort for our patients, these enable our experts to offer customized solutions and achieve the best hair transplant results.  For available appointments and further information about our services, please contact us on +44 20 7131 0229!

How much is a hair transplant in Hungary?

Hair transplant costs will depend on how many hairs you need and which method you’d prefer. Yet, if you have been shopping around, you must have noticed that the clinic’s location is decisive too. In Hungary, FUE hair transplants are more affordable than in the UK or France.

This allows our patients to save up to 50% on their procedures. This large difference roots in economic reasons.  There are a lot of expenses that clinics must consider when they put a price on their services.  These expenses include the salaries, the medication, equipment and the overhead too.  Running a high-end private hair clinic in Budapest involves lower costs than doing the same in London. As a result, we can offer more affordable hair transplant prices in Hungary, while providing you with top quality service and care.

Take a look at what prices you can expect at our clinics:

Package Number of hairs to be implanted Package price in London Package price in Budapest
Package 2000 2000 £ 3358 £ 1590 £ 1390
Package 3000 3000 £ 4832 £ 1990 £ 1790
Package 4000 4000 £ 6305 £ 2190 £ 1990
Package 5000 5000 £ 7779 £ 2390£ 2190

Which hair transplant method do we use?

At HairPalace clinic, we work solely with the  FUE2 technique. This is the most modern technique currently that extracts the grafts one by one with a special micro punch.  With years of experience in its use, our doctors recommend the FUE2 for the numerous benefits it offers:

  • no visible scars remaining
  • pain-free procedure
  • the highest success rate with up to 90-95% of regrowth
  • quick recovery
  • minimally invasive
  • helps to preserve the donor area for future sessions

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Our hair transplant experts in Hungary

Here at HairPalace, we have 6 highly-trained specialists who have the required skills and experience to help you get the best hair transplant result in Hungary.

They are assisted by a seasoned team to ensure that your procedure is smooth-running from the first contact to the last check-up.

Why choose us?

Each case is different, thus we are committed to providing customized treatment plans and superior service from start to finish.

HairPalace is the right choice if you are looking for:

  • Experienced doctors

    Our surgeons have 5-10 years of experience in the field and they perform solely hair restoration surgeries.

  • Natural hair transplant results

    Each case is unique. As such, we tailor the procedure to your needs and hair to ensure that we achieve high and natural-looking density.

  • Written guarantee

    We guarantee the success of your hair transplant surgery. If less than 80% of the transplanted hairs grow out, we reimplant the missing amount free of charge.

  • No visible scars

    The FUE2 uses a minimally invasive blunt punch that is less than 1 mm in diameter. As a result, the extraction does not leave visible scars on the scalp.

  • Postoperative care

    Your surgeon will guide you through the post-op period to help you get the result you are looking for.

  • Excellent price

    We offer high-quality procedures and comprehensive packages at the best hair transplant price in Europe.

Find the most suitable hair transplant clinics close to you

Learn about more options across the country and abroad. Check out the following pages to find out more about the best hair restoration clinics!

Hair transplant reviews in Hungary

If you are looking to get your FUE hair transplant in Hungary, reviews written by previous patients can provide you with invaluable information. We welcome more than 500 patients mainly from the UK, France, Ireland and Germany every year.

And each year, more and more of them open up about their experience.  Take a look at our patients’ hair transplantation reviews and find out how they felt in our care during their hair transplantation in Hungary!

Hair Palace Budapest – lives up to the reviews

I’ve completed day one of my intervention today and I am more than impressed so far. I’ve been well looked after from start to finish by my interpreter and the doctor. I have been kept up to date with each and every aspect of the procedure. The facilities are clean and everything is organised and professional. I’m glad I chose Hair Palace.

5 stars: Excellent   Matt Hirst | Nov 20, 2019

Excellent hair transplant clinic in Budapest

An efficient process from start to finish. Everything was thoroughly explained by the staff who were caring, friendly and spoke excellent English. Modern, meticulously clean offices with surgical rooms close to the Ibis Styles where the accommodation was – merely a 5 minute walk away. I can’t pretend I wasn’t trepidatious- but I am glad I had the hair transplant done in Budapest and saved myself thousands of pounds. Many thanks to the staff – I can’t praise them enough.

5 stars: Excellent  Anthony Evans | Mar 21, 2018


Why is Hungary the best for hair transplantation? 

If you’re looking for an affordable hair transplant, Hungary is a must. Hungarian surgeons undergo the intensive education and training you would expect, and Hungary’s low cost of living leads to lower salaries compared to the UK. That means you’ll receive terrific treatment at a highly competitive rate.

Is Hungary safe for hair transplant? 

For patients willing to travel outside the UK for a hair transplant, Hungary is an increasingly popular option. It boasts one of Europe’s best healthcare systems, offering affordable prices, high standards of care, and cutting-edge facilities. Hungary’s hair transplant clinics are some of the finest in the world.