Hair transplant surgery for free? Is it possible? YES!

young man excited for free hair transplant

Why won’t a hair transplant clinic carry out a £4000 hair transplant surgery for free?

A hair transplant surgery has numerous costs involved, that make the price of this service similar to that of a breast implant.

A specialist and two assistants are essential to carry out the surgery over two days; a well-equipped and sterile surgery room, and numerous single-use tools are also needed, that can further increase the price of the intervention.

In most cases, the used hair transplant method has a licence fee, and the annual membership fees of various hair transplant organisations cost a small fortune, along with the annual training of the surgeons.

But then how can I get a £4000 treatment free of charge?

We are proud that the majority of our patients arrive at our clinic by recommendation of previous clients.

We would like to express our gratitude for these referrals!

With the HairPalace Affiliate Program if you refer our clinic to 5 of your acquaintances or friends – who have their surgeries at our clinic – we will carry out your hair transplant surgery free of charge.

How does the HairPalace Affiliate Program work?

The core of the affiliate program is that we pay you a commission of 15% after each surgery we carry out thanks to your help.

On average a hair transplant surgery costs £3000 at our clinic, which means an average of £450 commission per patient.

This way, you can have your next hair transplant surgery free of charge after 5 referrals!

(Naturally, you can also get your commissions billed monthly to spend on what you find important, but in that case, the free hair transplant is not available.)

How can I join the program?

The first step is to register to the affiliate program under the following link:

Our system will keep track of your referrals so you can follow your patients’ journey and your commissions.

This way you can easily earn back the cost of your hair transplant surgery, or you can get yourself a free hair transplant.

How can I refer a patient?

There are several options to recommend our clinic and get a free hair transplant surgery.

Let’s see the 2 most important:

  • In person:
    When you talk with your friends and acquaintances, and it turns to hair loss or hair transplant, simply share your experiences with our clinic and the great result you have achieved.You can also mention that if your friend has his surgery at HairPalace with your referral, he will be entitled to a £300 discount on his treatment. Then the only thing to do is to register your friend’s contact details in our system.
  • On Facebook:
    Feel free to share your latest photos on Facebook – besides the Likes, you will surely receive questions as well.
    Then you only have to share a link to the content we provide.
    The link will contain a code of your affiliate account, so the registration will show up in your account.

After a patient from your referral is registered in our system, our expert team will contact him in 24 hours to make him a personalised quote and to discuss all details of the procedure.


Hair transplant surgery is an aesthetic procedure costing thousands of Pounds. However, with the help of our affiliate program, you can get one for free!

You have to do nothing but to register to the program and recommend our clinic to your friends and acquaintances.

After each surgery we carry out thanks to your referral, you will get a commission of 15% of the price of the treatment. You can get your commissions billed monthly, or we can carry out your hair transplant surgery free of charge after 5 referrals!

Join our affiliate program and have a hair transplant surgery free of charge!