1. Go easy on styling products
  2. Be careful when drying your hair
  3. Make time for regular trims
  4. Eat the right foods for stronger hair
  5. Avoid shampooing your hair too often
  6. Keep your hats loose
  7. Speak to a professional about hair transplant surgery

Male grooming is a booming industry. Once upon a time — not so long ago, in fact — the prospect of men spending good money and time on their appearance was seen as somewhat odd in certain quarters.

Surely, these people believed, caring about the way one looks is for women only?

Well, those days are (happily) long gone, and men across the globe now take an active interest in looking their best.

Good hair care is a key part of this, not just its aesthetic but its health too.

At HairPalace, we’ve helped numerous men with our cutting-edge hair transplants, giving them a more youthful, revitalised look — and we want to help you with the following essential hair care tips too.

Go Easy on Styling Products

Wax, clay, gel, pomade — there are more hair care products for men on the market than ever.

If you have no idea which is right for you, or how to use them properly, you can end up making your hair look worse, not better.

That’s why it’s always best to start with a small amount and add more to achieve your ideal style.

Using too much will weigh your hair down and create an unnatural look, not to mention making your scalp oiler (a common problem if you already have oily hair).

Ask your barber/stylist about achieving the style you want and which products suit your hair type best.

Read the instructions on any items you buy carefully to avoid applying too much.

Be Careful when Drying Your Hair

It’s early in the morning. You have a full day of work ahead, you’ve just stepped out of the shower and your train is due to leave the station in a matter of minutes.

You don’t have time to let your hair dry naturally, so you grab that towel and just start rubbing away, vigorously, urgently.

That’s a big no-no for your hair’s health. Especially if you’re already starting to lose it.

Why? Because hair’s more vulnerable when wet, and you could cause breakages if you’re not careful.

Take a more gentle approach: use the towel to pat your hair or just wash it in the evenings and let it air dry while you watch television, read, eat dinner etc.

If you’re really pushed for time, use a hair dryer — but sparingly: use a low setting and leave your hair a little bit damp, rather than blowing all the moisture out of it completely.

Make Time for Regular Trims (Even if Your Schedule Doesn’t Allow It)

essential hair care tips for men no3 - regular trim

You might not like wearing your hair as a shaggy, unkempt mane.

You might feel frustrated by that long fringe hanging over your face or the sides covering your ears.

But finding a slot in your busy life to actually visit a barber or salon is tough — it may even seem impossible.

But if you care about your hair’s health and appearance at all, make an effort to find the time. Even if it’s just a few minutes for a quick tidy-up.

Trimming your hair on a regular basis removes split ends and keeps your hair looking in good condition.

Even a light pass with scissors can transform the way you look and may help you feel a little bit better about yourself.

It gives you a chance to chat with your barber or stylist and perhaps get things off your chest too.

Eat the Right Foods for Stronger Hair

Are you a junk-food addict who survives on pizza, burgers, chips and kebabs? Do you prefer to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables?

Or do you fall somewhere between?

Whatever your eating habits, the food you put into your body has a real impact on your hair.

While genetics and medication may all affect the way your hair looks and grows, choosing good, healthy, nutritious ingredients can help you maintain strong hair.

Some of the top hair-friendly foods include:

  • Berries
  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Avocadoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Soybeans
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots

Each of these contains specific nutrients (such as Omega-3s, vitamin A etc.) that promote healthy hair growth, increase its shine and more.

Avoid Shampooing Your Hair Too Often

Love the way your hair looks, feels and smells when it’s freshly washed?

Just be careful not to overdo it. Shampooing your hair is obviously good to keep it clean and healthy, but you don’t need to do it every day.

If you do, you could strip it of natural oils and leave it drier than it should be (especially if it’s naturally dry anyway).

Keep Your Hats Loose

Hats are great fashion accessories. The right one can create the perfect finishing touch for an outfit and help you stand out.

But don’t wear yours too tightly: a snug fit could pull on your hair and cause breakages, taking a toll on your hair’s health over time.

Cut back on the amount of time you wear hats and try to keep them loose.

Speak to a Professional About Hair Transplant Surgery

It’s become increasingly common for men to travel to far-flung countries in search of the cheapest hair transplant possible.

While that’s tempting (we all want to save money, after all), you’re taking a big risk — not just with the quality of the surgery itself, but your overall health.

Visiting a clinic with poor standards of hygiene and patient care may leave you vulnerable to infections, especially if medical instruments and facilities are in bad condition.

It’s always best to choose a professional hair transplant team with the skills, commitment to the highest standards and experience to do the job right.

At HairPalace, we work with qualified surgeons based in Budapest, equipped with the most cutting-edge hair transplant technology — the FUE2 SafeSystem — and sleek, modern facilities.

You’ll be in the safest of hands and can expect outstanding results.

Do you want to discuss your hair transplant surgery options with a member of our professional team?

We’re happy to answer your questions, so just get in touch for a free quote now!