Hair transplant surgeon

Erika Gucsi, MD

Dr Erika Gucsi is registered with the Hungarian Medical Chamber. She is the chief hair transplant surgeon at HairPalace Clinic with 8 years of experience in surgical hair restoration for men. She has already helped more than 700 patients solve their hair loss problems.

Education and training

  • 2022 ISHRS 2022 Webinar Series
  • 2021 Dermatology Workshop in Budapest, presentation on Hair transplantation
  • 2021 ISHRS Advanced/Board Review Course
  • 2021 ISHRS 2021 Webinar Series
  • 2020 28th World Congress of the ISHRS
  • 2017 ISHRS 2017 World Live Surgery Workshop: FUE IMMERSION (Poland)
  • 2016 European Hair Transplant Workshop (England)
  • 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (USA)
  • Faculty of Medicine of Semmelweis University, MD

Professional accomplishments

Associate specialist surgeon with the outpatient office of Tamas Regoczi, M.D of general surgery, hernia surgery and skin surgery.


HairPalace Editorial Guidelines

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