1. Who is Steve Carell?
  2. When did the hair transplantation rumours start?
  3. Steve Carell’s hair in The Office
  4. His hair loss
  5. Did he have a hair transplant?
  6. Which method could be used?
  7. Other celebrity hair transformations

Comedian Steve Carell is widely loved for his numerous appearances in films and tv series. He became a household name in 2005 with the hit series “The Office”, which is a copy of the UK version originally written by Ricky Gervais.

But one thing that is still debated among fans is the evolution of Steve Carell’s hair.

In particular, fans are wondering whether Steve Carell had hair transplantation surgery. His hair miraculously changed between the first and second seasons of The Office.

This made many fans question whether a Steve Carell hair transplant took place somewhere between the first and second seasons.

So what is the truth about this new Steve Carell hairline? Did Steve Carell get a hair transplant? or was it just clever makeup?

Find out from this article!

Who is Steve Carell?

Steve Carell is a famous actor from the United States. He has amassed a huge fan base thanks to his role as Micheal Scott on The Office, and for his performances in various other Hollywood movies.

He most recently heard voice-acting in the despicable me franchise, which widened his fan base even further.

Steve went through a lot of changes both on screen and in his personal life in the past 15 years.

Steve Carell’s hair is no exception, the actor seems to have fuller hair than when he started out in show business. This made many fans assume that he had a hair transplantation operation.

When did the Steve Carell hair transplant rumours start?

When we look at this Reddit thread, the transformation of Steve Carell’s natural hairline is quite obvious. Season 1 is by far the worst in terms of visible hair loss.

By taking a closer look at Steve Carell’s hair during the first season it almost seems like he had hair plugs.

Steve Carell's hairline througout the years

This was a deliberate move from the creators of the show, in an effort to make Michael appear as repulsive as possible.

In a recent episode of the “Office Ladies” podcast, Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer talk about the reason why this look was abandoned.

It all happened after Season 1 “The summer that he was going to film The 40-Year-Old Virgin, he got in crazy amazing shape…and then he’s maintained that.

He’s very fit now, he sort of, like, made that part of his life. They just made gave him a whole new look too, they zhuzhed him up.”

Jenna shared that the producers used this as an excuse to finally let go of David Brent and allow Steve to do his own thing.

This simple move may have saved the series from being canceled according to the show’s creators.

Although the viewer may have felt second-hand embarrassment from watching Michael, Steve Carell’s character made him loveable.

What happened to Steve Carell’s hairline in season 2?

Actor Steve Carell also switched stylists between the first and second seasons, which is another key component of his magical transformation.

Kim Ferry took over the duty of styling the characters of The Office. During an interview with Mashable, she said “I sat down with all the actors and talked to them about their looks.

You know, ‘What do you want to move forward with? What do you want to change? How do you feel?’ That kind of thing.”

When she went through the episodes of Season 1, Kim Ferry went “oof” as soon as she looked at Michael’s hair.

She said “I felt like it was a very severe look on [Steve]. I wanted to talk to [him] about it, and that’s the first thing I did. He was like, ‘Yeah, I definitely want to change it.’”

According to Ferry, she intended to make Michael’s hair look more like “Gordon Gekko” from the 1987 film Wall Street. However, she said it “wasn’t flattering.”

So, Kim made sure to do him some justice. There was a lot of blow-drying and lifting involved, and Steve went from slick-back hair to a side part.

Steve Carell hair loss

It’s important to note that comedian Steve Carell was in fact suffering from male pattern baldness.

He’s far from having excellent natural coverage during Season 1, as he had thinning areas at the front of his hairline. Although his density seemed to be satisfactory at the top of the head.

Judging from the pictures we can tell that he was starting to develop a receding hairline. There was a slightly noticeable M shape forming at the top.

Using the Norwood scale, he seems to be around Stage 2, the first stage of visible hair loss.

This is a great stage to opt for hair restoration procedures as people most likely won’t even notice that you underwent the procedure. This is more than likely what happened in Carell’s case, or did it?

Did he have a hair transplantation or was it just makeup?

steve carell before and after hair treatment

Fans immediately noticed the shift from the infamous Steve Carell bald look after the premier of Season 2. You could see Carell’s scalp through his hair throughout the first season.

A simple change in his hairstyle couldn’t have achieved the added thickness and density we could see in the first episode of Season 2.

But that’s the trick, his previous stylist amplified the Steve Carell hair loss phenomenon on purpose with the use of gels and other hair products.

Some people claim that the obvious answer to why he was bald is just the hairstyle. They claim that it had nothing to do with a receding hairline or male pattern baldness.

As for others, the radical transformation is impossible to miss, and they believe Steve Carell hair plugs are a reality.

The character that Steve Carell played was supposed to visit a hair transplant clinic to address his hair loss.

However, this never happened and is mostly just an online rumour. The famous actor most likely decided to keep his hair restoration private.

Was it just Toppik?

One Redditor posted a page from the book “The Daily Show(The Book): An Oral History, that suggests that instead of hair plugs, Steve Carell likely used Toppik.

This is a spray of hair fibre that provides the illusion of added hair density, this resulted in a look that fans could easily mistake for Steve Carell hair implants.

Which method was used for the Steve Carell hair transplant?

FUE hair transplants are widely popular as they provide long-lasting results, with minimal recovery time. Steve Carell’s hair transplantation was most likely carried out with the FUE method.

FUE is one of the most modern ways of addressing thinning hair. During an FUE hair transplant, the surgeon extracts individual hair follicles one by one and then implants them into the bald areas.

FUE hair implants provide natural-looking results that blend in with the rest of the hair over 12-15 months.

How many grafts were used for his hair transplant surgery?

During the hair transplantation process, doctors collect individual hair follicles from the back and sides of the head. These are then implanted according to the patient’s needs.

Steve Carell had plenty of donor hair at the back for a hair transplant. If he had a hair transplant, the Steve Carell hair treatment needed approximately 1000 grafts.

While hair transplantation prices can vary from clinic to clinic, the average price of a procedure involving 1000 grafts is roughly £3500.

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How did Steve Carell regrow his hair?

Steve Carell’s hair transformation over the years has led to much speculation and curiosity among fans and observers. However, there has been no official statement from Carell or his representatives detailing specific treatments or procedures he may have undergone to address hair loss.

Did Steve Carell have a hair transplant?

There is no official confirmation from Steve Carell or his representatives that he has had a hair transplant. However, pictures seem to suggest that he may have had surgery.