Yannick wanted to go through a “full” remake.  He wanted to get back not only the density of his hair, but also his self-esteem.

He participated at a hair transplant consultation in Paris, and after he received his treatment plans, he decided to choose the implantation of 4500 hairs.

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Here you can see a photo that we made at our clinic, right before the hair transplantation:

Before the hair transplant

The totally painfree intervention took place during 2 days.  Yannick, as all of our patients, could watch a movie, listen to music and use our WIFI during the surgery. Also (however Yannick did not fall asleep), our patients often sleep while our doctors are working.

Picture made after the surgery:


To achieve the perfect result, every patient must respect the post-intervetion tasks given by our doctors. Yannick sent his check-up pictures on time too.

The first-week post-op photo:

1 week after the hai transplantation

3rd-week post-op photo:

3 weeks after the hair transplant surgery

The incredible change can already be seen in the 6-months picture, scroll back to the first picture and check that out again!


But back then he was only half way to the final result!

The 1-year post-op picture truly shows the result we can achieve with 4500 implanted hairs. Yannick was very happy, and the surgeon, who carried out his hair transplant, approved the last check-up photos satisfied too.  Thanks to the FUE2 Safe System method, there are no scars after the intervention, and our patient got back the original density of his hair.

1 year after hair transplant

Before-after photo – Before and 1 year after the surgery: