What kind of photos do we accept?

We ask you to send us photos to get a personalised treatment plan and also for the check-up examinations.

What kind of photos do we need?

We need photos to see the actual condition of your scalp and hair. Please respect the following criterias while taking the pictures:

  • The photos need to be taken by someone else to achieve better quality.
  • The photos need to be taken from around 50 cm distance.
  • Please choose a white background to take the pictures.
  • We do not accept photos of wet hair.

Take some pictures of your head as shown in the following examples, and send the pictures to info@hairpalace.co.uk.

Take a photo of the frontal hairline.

front photo

Take a photo of the back of your head.

back of your head

Take a photo of the top of your head.

top photo

Take a photo from right profile.

 right profile

Take a left profile photo to get a treatment plan from HairPalace

left profile

Take a right semi-profile picture to solve your hair problems.

right semi-profile

Take a left semi-profile photo and forget baldness.

left semi-profile.