Send us your photos!

If you want to get a treatment plan made after photos or you need to send us pictures for the check-ups, follow the rules we noted here.

We need clear, visible and quality photos, thus our specialists can see all the important details!

What kind of photos we request?

We need 7 photos of your head and hair:

  • front
  • 2 profiles
  • 2 semi-profiles
  • top
  • back

We ask you to respect the following criterias when you take the pictures:

  • Ask someone to take the photos to achieve a better quality
  • Take the pictures from a 50 cm distance
  • Take the photos in front of a white background
  • We do not accept photos of wet hair (we suggest you to comb your hair first).

After you made the photos, send us to, and do not forget to indicate your name!