1. If there are any cardiovascular diseases (e.g. angina, hypertension, etc. ) in your medical history or if you have been taking certain medications ( oral anti-coagulants ( Sinthrome, Plavix ), beta-blockers, or any other drugs affecting the cardiovascular system ) a consultation is required along with a signed declaration from your cardiologist containing information about the possible risks involved in this particular procedure. If any of these apply, the taking of drugs containing ASA (Aspirin, Anopyrin ) and NSAIDs ( Advil, Ibuprofen, Cataflam, Diclofenac ) should be suspended.
  2. Stop drinking alcohol and reduce smoking as much as possible one week before the procedure.
  3. In case you take any kind of medications regularly or prescribed by your doctor, please inform HairPalace in advance.
  4.  Patients who take any other medication including psychiatric or cardiovascular drugs should consult with their physician in order to proceed for the scheduled procedure.  If you have not written full details of your health problems / high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems / conditions in your health questionnaire, HairPalace has the right to cancel your procedure on the day of the procedure if we feel you are not fit for the operation.  Cancellation fees will then apply (10% of the total cost of your hair transplant procedure).
  5. If you are using any Minoxidil related products  – Spectral, Regaine, Rogaine, Kirkland, Neocapil, etc. – stop using them one day prior to the surgery. You may resume the application of these products 3 weeks after the procedure. Finasteride can be used continuously.
  6. Patients should avoid coffee and tea on the day of the surgery and are advised to have a light breakfast. HairPalace will arrange your lunch – if you have any special query please inform us in advance (i.e. gluten free, lactose free, dietary etc)
  7. Please wash your hair the night before your surgery and do not apply any gel, spray or other hair care products on the day of your surgery
  8. Please wear a button-up shirt on the morning of the procedure and not something that goes over your head.
  9. Smoking is prohibited during the surgery.
  10. If you suffer from skin conditions of any sort such as psoriasis or eczema on your scalp, they must be completely suppressed prior to your hair transplant otherwise it will not be possible to carry out the procedure. For further advice on this please speak with your HairPalace consultant.  If you fail to advise HairPalace in advance of any scalp and skin disorders which may cause the procedure to be cancelled on the morning of your procedure, you will be liable to pay the procedure fee in full.