•  Itching may occur both around the donor part as well as the recipient area during the healing process. In any case, avoid scratching the recipient area!
  • If you have persistent pain, throbbing, or other symptoms suggestive of inflammation, you should contact our clinic immediately!
  • If you wish to use any other products not suggested by the clinic (e.g. Aloe Vera creams, creams accelerating healing etc.), please consult HairPalace in advance as some of these products may help the healing process, however, we may not recommend them in all cases, and their use may cause the loss of the guarantee.
  • You cannot cover your head; the use of hats and caps is FORBIDDEN during the first 3 post-operative weeks!
  • During the first 3 weeks avoid any physical exertion such as sport or any other activities that would increase your blood pressure and cause you to sweat.
  • After the intervention avoid exposing your head to direct sunlight, cold, wind, tanning as well as sauna for at least 6-8 weeks. 3 weeks after, if you have to expose your scalp to sunlight, then you must wear a lightweight head cover of any kind (head scarf, loose cap or straw hat).


  • In some cases there is the possibility of swelling and/or oedema on the implanted area; it disappears in 5-7 days.
  • In the first few days there is the possibility of oedema around the eyes and forehead caused by the large amount of lidocaine used during the surgery.In order to eliminate the swelling, please apply a gentle massage to the forehead area several times a day – use sweeping motions from the middle to the sides, avoiding the transplanted area. Try to drink 3-4 litres of water a day; it will help flush the lidocaine out.In case the swelling occurs; please keep carefully massaging the area around your eyes and forehead as well as drink 3-4 litres of water daily. The swelling is expected to disappear in a couple days after the surgery.
  • After the intervention, medications must be used according to the doctor’s recommendation. Patients receive a box of antibiotics containing 14 tablets. All tablets must be taken during the first post-operative week; one tablet every morning after breakfast and one tablet every evening after dinner.Any regular painkillers can be taken if needed (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac)
  • Development of small amounts of crusts is to be expected around the newly implanted hairs on the implanted area as well as around the donor area. These scabs must not be touched during the first week.
  • During the first post-operative week it is necessary to use the saline solution spray given by HairPalace on the recipient area in every hour (not necessary at night)
  • Do not use tap water on your head and do not wash your hair during the first week. The donor area does not need to be treated with the special spray.
  • You should never scratch the recipient area under any circumstances!
  • During the first post-operative week, at least two pillows should be used under the head and try to avoid prolonged horizontal sleep. We suggest you to purchase a U-shaped pillow that can hold your neck for a more convenient sleeping. You are allowed to sleep on the donor area.
  • We suggest you to wear buttoned shirts during the first week, thus you won’t injure the recipient area when you change clothes.
  • Avoid smoking, or at least reduce the use of cigarettes during the first week (2-3 cigarettes/day)
  • Do not drink alcohol during the first post-operative week.


  • The saline solution spray will no longer be needed, and you may start applying water on the recipient area instead. However, the use of shampoo is still forbidden!
  • It is important that the crusts around the newly implanted hairs should be gently washed off during the next two week. Stay under the shower for 20-30 minutes and soak the scalp in clear, lukewarm tapwater until the crusts soften up completely. Then, using only the fingertips, you can gently massage the scalp to help the crusts fall off. Please make sure not to apply any pressure or rub or scratch the scalp, the implanted hairs must stay in place. Do not scrape the crusts! Then you can rinse the scalp and let it dry.

    Not all of the crust will come off at once; you will have to repeat the soaking and massaging once a day.

    It is very important to wash off all the crusts on the donor and as well as the recipient area by the end of the third post-operative week!

  • During the second post-operative week you may sleep horizontally.


  • You have to continue soaking and massaging your head with baby shampoo. Please remain gentle with the scalp.

One month after the surgery you may return to using normal shampoo. It will also be allowed to get a haircut on both the donor and the recipient areas.

In 3 to 12 weeks, most of the implanted hair will fall out, which is normal. From the 4th post-op month new hairs will start growing, the density of your hair will increase and the result will become more and more visible.
The final result can be expected in 12 to 18 months. By this time, the transplanted hair will grow out and patients will experience some spectacular changes.