What is the price of your FUE hair transplant?

We examined 100 hair transplant clinics in the European Union, and we also demanded quotes for different hair transplant packages. The following prices are the average prices of the examined clinics in 2018.

Hair transplant cost in London in the UK (from £6,000 to £8,000)

In the UK there is also a huge market for hair transplant. For men and women who suffer from hair loss, the UK offers so many options and clinics. However, the hair transplant prices are very high because of the surgeons’ high salaries in the UK. For example you can get the same quality in Hungary for half price.

Average hair transplant prices in the UK

How do our FUE2 Safe System prices compare with other clinics in the United Kingdom where the surgery is popular?

Number of hairsFUT methodFUE methodFUE2 SafeSystem
2000 Hairs£ 2600£ 3000£ 3400
3000 Hairs£3250£ 4200£ 4700
4000 Hairs£ 3900£ 5400£ 6000
5000 Hairs£ 4700£ 6300£ 7200
6000 Hairs£ 5500£ 7200£ 8400

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How much will my hair transplant cost at Hairpalace clinic?

Our hair transplant treatments are provided in Hungary, which enables us to guarantee lower costs than a British clinic.

Number of hairsFUE2 SafeSystem
United Kingdom 
FUE2 SafeSystem
EconomySave %
2000 Hairs£ 3400£ 1500£ 190056%
3000 Hairs£ 4700£ 2150£ 255054%
4000 Hairs£ 6000£ 2690£ 331055%
5000 Hairs£ 7200£ 3190£ 401056%
6000 Hairs£ 8400£ 3590£ 481057%

In fact, our hair transplants performed in Hungary can save you as much as 60% against the cost of the same treatment ANYWHERE in the United Kingdom.


  • Because salaries in Hungary are lower, but the techniques and technology employed are 100% identical.

  • You get the same NATURAL results at a LOWER PRICE without compromising on QUALITY.

  • We count the number of hairs required to ensure a natural density in the balding area.

  • This provides greater accuracy than competitors basing treatments on grafts rather than individual hairs, and we provide a variety of packages to suit your exact level of baldness.

  • Every patient’s hair loss is different and every case is unique.

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How to SAVE thousands of pounds on your hair transplant without compromising in quality?

Hungary is a very popular destination for foreign patients who would like to have a high-quality hair transplant for a cheaper price.

Hair Transplantation cost Hungary

The EU has unified healthcare standards across all member nations within the past two decades, which ensures you will receive the same professional care and results in a Central-European country as you would in Britain – only at a much lower rate.

You can reach Budapest by plane cheaply and conveniently, and enjoy secure, safe, English-friendly service. Our colleagues are incredibly professional, experienced, and committed to the very highest levels of service.

Over 10,000 people from Western Europe visit Budapest for healthcare treatment, including hair transplants.

With HairPalace Hair Transplant Clinic, you can rest assured that you’re in the safest hands. Our surgeons have more than 10 years’ experience performing FUE transplants, and are seasoned experts with hundreds of treatments behind them.

On top of all this, you will also get to see the beauty of Budapest during your stay!

If you want to receive cheaper but high-quality medical services, the best choice would be the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Hungarian doctors offer world-famous healthcare services. Moreover, health tourism is one of the most popular services in Budapest.

As you can see, we provide a varied portfolio of FUE2 Safe System solutions to suit your unique situation, and there are significant savings to be made by paying in cash.

We are passionate about delivering the most transparent, compassionate service in the industry. Nobody cares more about your satisfaction than HairPalace Hair Transplant Clinic.

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What is included in your hair transplant package at this price?

What else does your money buy beyond the FUE2 Safe System treatment?

Your hair transplant package includes:

  • Airport transfers

    A comfortable drive from the airport to your apartment and back.

  • Accommodation

    Enjoy 2 or 3 nights in a premium apartment in Budapest (duration varies by package)

  • English-speaking staff

    Our English-speaking colleagues prevent any language-related issues to enhance the comfort, convenience, and satisfaction of your time at our hair transplant clinic.

  • Pre-surgery consultation

    Your surgeon will meet with you to discuss your unique treatment plan, assess your personal needs, and invite you to sign the necessary documents when you feel completely satisfied.

  • Payment

    You will pay on the day of your treatment, before your hair transplant begins. No hidden costs are included. Payment is accepted by cash (with a discount) or credit card.

  • The complete package

    We will implant the number of hairs agreed, employ the FUE2 Safe System for the best results, and give you the clothes you need for the surgery. You will also receive a two-course lunch and a package of medication.

  • Guarantee

    We will provide you with a written guarantee following your surgery. We will also RE-IMPLANT missing hairs for FREE if below 80% of your implanted hairs grow back.

  • Post-op care

    You will receive a document outlining the post-operative tasks required on your surgery day. We will provide you with a medication package and saline solution to last you one week after your transplant. We will monitor your healing process across the first year following your treatment, and offer 24/7 customer service.

What is NOT included?

Your FUE hair transplant is comprehensive, but there are certain things we DO NOT offer as part of your package.

Please take note of the following:

  • Blood tests

    We require you to give us a blood test result no older than three months before your treatment.
    Most patients will undergo these tests in your home country, following our guidelines, but we may be able to run them in Budapest.
    Our blood test package to be performed in Budapest:

    • Price – £129
    • Tests – Contains all required.
    • Accommodation – Test package includes 1 night in our premium apartment, with transfers to the laboratory and back. The results will be sent to us by email within 12 hours of your test.
    • Payment – Your blood test package MUST be paid for in cash at our HairPalace Hair Transplant Clinic when you arrive (between 08.30 and 17.00). You will be given your referral once the payment is complete.
    • Arrival – Your fasting blood test can be arranged for between 07.30 and 09.30 on weekday mornings. You should arrive two days before the treatment begins.
  • Plane tickets

    Our FUE2 Safe System hair transplant systems DO NOT include the cost of your plane ticket – you MUST buy your own plane ticket.
    Send a confirmation of your plane ticket to our colleagues within 48 hours of the booking.
    Booking a flight from London to Budapest in advance can cost below £100, depending on how early you make your purchase.

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Which hair transplant method do we use and recommend?

FUE2 SafeSystem method = 95-100% success rate + maximum density

The improved version of the original FUE process was invented by James Harris MD, owner of the HSC Colorado clinic in the USA. During the transplantation, a special tool, SafeScribe is used to harvest the grafts, which is basically a miniature rounded drill.

Thanks to the rounded SafeScribe drill – compared to the original FUE needle – there is no deep incision made, so harming the grafts is practically excluded. This way 95-100% of the implanted hairs grow back after the hair transplantation!!!

Hair transplantation references - HairPalace

SafeScribe punch also has a depth-blocking device that can prevent the doctor to cut deeper in the skin, thus less deep wounds are caused on the scalp. Thanks to this device, healing process is 50% shorter compared to the normal FUE method. The donor area heals without visible scars following the intervention.