The FUE Safe System method

The FUE SafeSystem is a new patented method, the perfection of the FUE method. Today the doctors of our clinic belong to the small number of surgeons in the world who offer this revolutionary new technology to their patients.


Why does it work?

Through this technical breakthrough, an opportunity arises to harvest hair follicles precisely, without unnecessarily damaging the scalp or the hair follicles which could not be avoided during the traditional FUE procedure.

For those patients who do not have enough hairs at the back of their head, the SafeSystem makes it possible to harvest or remove hairs from the other parts of the body: from the chest, the back or even the stomach area. Taking into consideration that the quality of hairs on these regions is less than on the scalp, this procedure can only be employed as the “last resort”. Of course, the patients have the opportunity to discuss the right application of the hairs on their body with the doctors of our clinic.

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FUE Safe System is the latest hair transplant method

With the help of the SafeSystem, at our clinic it is possible to isolate and remove such hair follicles that can contain even 6-7 hairs. During the procedure, with the help of the so-called SAFE Scribe device, it is possible to remove the hair follicles precisely, with minimal damage to the tissue and the follicles.

The advantages of the FUE Safe System method summarised:

The FUE SafeSystem is the latest hair transplant method. We were among the first clinics to introduce it  in Hungary.  Thanks to this new method, the smallest disturbance, and the most precise result possible can be achieved during hair transplant. At our clinic, many important innovations are part of the procedure which are not applied anywhere else.

Due to the fact that the grafts (follicular groupings) are removed through the FUE SafeSystem hair transplant procedure, and then stored in a special regeneration liquid for follicular groupings, we can achieve an earlier hair growth, a stronger, more potent, and 10-15% greater growth of the transplanted hair.

Using this method, the scalp will recover more quickly and the period before returning to your normal routine will be shorter as well. Doctors and tissue specialists worked out this new procedure. It reduces the damage of the follicular groupings during the removal, storing and implant of the hair, to a minimum.

Due to the precise removal of the hair and to the special storing process, complete, healthy hairs will be implanted during your hair transplant. So in this complex way, the FUE SafeSystem has become a procedure of a much higher standard than the former FUE.

Today the FUE SafeSystem is the most advanced hair transplant procedure all over the world. At our clinic we offer this method to all our patients.

The advantages of the  FUE Safe System procedure for our patients:

  • The procedure can be carried out for anyone.
  • Because of the smaller injuries to the hair follicles, the number of removable donor hairs increases
  • Hair transplant results look much more natural, as the surgeon can also choose the characteristics of the hair, besides the number of the hair follicles transplanted.
  • Removable hairs from areas offering better quality hair, e.g.: from the back of the head or behind the ears
  • Recovery time decreases
  • No visible scars
  • The method can be applied by FOX negative patients as well
  • The method is also ideal for patients for whom previously there has been no hope for a hair transplant
  • SafeSystem also means a guaranteed solution in case of fair or thin hair, or if follicles are not thick enough

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