On the day of your surgery

Every step of a hair transplant surgery - on the day of the intervention via an infographic.

We schedule the day of your surgery based on a prior agreement that meets your demands and the capacity of the clinic. You can fix the surgical appointment by sending the details of your plane ticket. In all cases, you have to arrive in Budapest one day before your surgery.

1. Arrival

NAP_3626At 8 am you can occupy your comfortable, well-furnished private room. You can bring small personal things from home with you to make it even cosier. Our colleagues will be there for you and are happy to help with anything.

You can bring your favourite book, music, or film with you, you can use your computer, and you can make phone calls. We provide you with the necessary equipment, internet access, home cinema systems etc.


2. Consultation


Our colleagues will prepare everything ahead, and they will carry out a last thorough medical examination before the hair transplantation. Following your arrival you will discuss the treatment plan and the course of the day of your surgery again with your doctor.



3. Beginning of the operation

NAP_2440Procedures start at 8.30. During the hair restoration procedure you can read, watch a film or listen to music. In the meantime, our doctors do their job undisturbed. We suggest that you bring a music player with you to make yourself comfortable during the operation.

The procedure is carried out in several phases. Between the phases you will have the opportunity to relax, have a meal or walk.

It is very important for us to make the procedure a pleasurable experience for you.


4. Lunch

Lunch starts around 12.30 pm and lasts for half an hour. Our colleagues order you a meal from the restaurant of your choice.





5. The second phase of the hair restoration procedure


The second phase of the hair transplant, implanting the hair follicles, begins at 1 pm. During this phase our patients can watch a movie.




6. Leaving the clinic

hair transplant abroad free transferMost operations finish at 6 pm. The actual duration of the operation depends on the quantity of the hairs to be transplanted. In the middle of the day your doctor will be able to tell you when exactly the operation will be finished.

There is no need for a night hospital stay or observation after the hair transplant. Right after the treatment you can go back to your accommodation and you can fly home the next day.


7. “The future”

hair transplant - regain your hair and your self confidenceAfter the hair transplant you only have to follow your doctor’s instructions and wait for the new hairs to grow. Then you can live your usual life with a renewed, more perfect hair and appearance, and so open up to new experiences and opportunities due to your restored self-confidence. If you have any questions later, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Healing process after hair transplant surgery - infographic.

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