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Save thousands of Pounds on the price of your hair transplant surgery compared to Western-European prices, and get back the original density of your hair with the help of our clinic even in 1 day.

HAIR TRANSPLANT PACKAGESNumber of implanted hairsNumber of free nights in our apartmentPrice of the packagePRICE with 5% cash payment discount
Package 1000100021043 £990 £
Package 2000200021464 £1390 £
Package 3000300022095 £1990 £
Package 4000400022727 £2590 £
Package 5000500033148 £2990 £
Package 6000600033569 £3390 £

In all cases we use the FUE Safe System method to transplant hair follicles. Click here to read more on this technique »

Save thousands of pounds on your hair transplant!

Hair transplant packages contain the following services:


  • Accomodation in a premium apartment in Budapest for 2 or 3 nights, depending on the chosen package.
  • 2 airport transfers – from the airport to your accommodation and back.

English-speaking staff during your stay at the clinic.

  • You won’t have any language problems, as our English-speaking colleagues will be at your service during your stay at our clinic.

Consultation before the surgery

  • You meet with your surgeon to finalize and discuss your treatment plan, your needs and available possibilities, and you sign the documents required for the surgery.


  • You pay on the day of the intervention, before the surgery starts – there are no hidden costs. You can pay in cash or with credit card. Click here for details »

Hair transplantation

  • We implant the number of hairs indicated in the signed treatment plan.
  • We use the most modern hair transplant method, the FUE Safe System. Click here for more details about the method »
  • We provide you with clothes for the surgery, a 2-course lunch, and a medication package.


  • We give a written guarantee after the intervention.
  • If less than 80% of the implanted hairs will grow back, we re-implant the missing amount free of charge. Details of the guarantee »

Post-operative Care

  • We give you a document containing the post-operative tasks on the day of the sugery.
  • We give you a medication package and saline solution enough for 1 week following the intervention.
  • We follow your healing process during 1 year after the treatment. In case of any problem, you can call our customer service 24/7.

Save thousands of pounds on your hair transplant!

Hair transplant packages do not contain the following services:

Blood tests

  • We ask you to present a maximum 3 months old blood test result prior to the intervention, containing  all the tests we require.
  • Most of our patients do these tests in their home country, respecting the instructions we send them.
  • If you would like to do the blood tests in Budapest, it is also a possibility.

Blood test package in Budapest: 129 £

  • It contains all the required tests.
  • It contains 1 night in our premium apartment, and transfers from the accommodation to the laboratory and back.
  • The blood tests are done at our partner laboratory, and the results are sent directly to us via e-mail in 12 hours.
  • The blood test package must be paid in cash at HairPalace clinic, on the day of your arrival between 8:30-17:00. You will receive your referral to be presented at the laboratory after the payment is done.
  • The fasting blood test can be scheduled for weekday mornings, between 7:30 and 9:30.
  • It is important that you have to arrive 2 days before the intervention.

Plane ticket

  • Our packages do not contain the price of your plane ticket!
  • You should buy your plane ticket for yourself in all cases.
  • Your treatment date will be confirmed if you send the confirmation of your plane ticket to our colleagues in 48 hours following the booking.

A London – Budapest plane ticket costs less than 100£, if you book it in advance.

Save thousands of pounds on your hair transplant!

Alexandre – 4000 hairs

I am very satisfied with the organisation, and happy with the quality of your service!

Christophe – 4000 hairs

Amazing team, they are really competent! Thank you for your warm welcome!!