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Our procedures are exclusively performed by our certified Doctors at our clinic in Budapest, Hungary.

FUE hair transplant that lasts for the rest of your life

FUE hair transplant is a generally accepted and most effective method of hair restoration. It gives a permanent result with natural effect through a relatively simple procedure. Nowadays, this new method is available for almost all people.

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With FUE hair transplant you can achieve a natural and permanent result

Hair loss can be traced back to the effect of the DHT-hormone in most cases. Some men are affected by balding to a greater extent as they grow older, while others are more resistant to the effects of the male sex hormones, so their hair remains until the end of their life.

The areas on the sides and back of the head are not affected genetically by hair loss. FUE hair transplant is a simple surgical intervention, during which hair bulbs insensitive to the DHT-hormone are harvested from the donor region (the sides and over the back of the head) and they are placed in the top of the head and in the thinning, balding areas over the forehead. According to the genetic program of the hair originating from the donor area, the hair will grow until the end of the patient’s life.

In contrast to partial or complete hair replacement, where the colour and type of the supplemental hair may differ from the patient’s original hair, here the hair transplant has a completely natural result. Among the various methods of hair restoration, hair transplant is the only natural and permanent solution by which the hairline and the hair density on the thinning areas can be restored. Therefore, in case of the most frequent type of balding, the hair transplant is the best solution.

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It is important to choose the right doctor and clinic

Only a well-qualified, skilled, and experienced specialist is able to transplant the hair bulbs successfully, providing natural results. The surgeons of our clinic are specialised in hair transplants exclusively, they are experts of the procedure without doubt. These procedures keep pace with the developments of the field. They are safe, and offer a permanent result at an affordable price by a simple and fast treatment that is exempt from inconveniences.



The price of FUE hair transplant

The price of hair transplant in Hungary costs up to 60% less than anywhere in the United Kingdom. This is mainly due to the lower Hungarian salaries, as the methods of hair transplant in Hungary and abroad are 100% the same. By a clever decision, you can save  several thousand GBP, but you do not have to make a compromise on quality.

Save thousands of Pounds on your hair transplant!