Our Budapest hair clinic has been specialised in hair transplants exclusively, for more than 10 years. Our surgeons have made several inventions in the field of hair restoration. Our surgeons performed over a 1,000 hair transplant procedures with outstanding results for English, French and Hungarian patients.


Christophe – 4000 hairs


Pavel – 4000 hairs

hairpalace reference hair transplant photo

Gérard – 2007 hairs

Bruno before and after the hair transplant.

Bruno – 6000 hairs

Take a look at the following before & after photographs so you can see how effective a hair transplant procedure can be, and how incredibly natural the new hair looks.


Alexandre – 4000 hairs


Tom – 6000 hairs


Yannick – 4500 hairs

Your hair is becoming thinner and thinner? Would you like to regain your natural look?

Hair transplant is the best way to restore your hair. With the FUE Safe System method we can achieve natural results considering the patients’ needs.


Chris – 5000 hairs


Charles – 4500 hairs

These fantastic results are only some examples of  hair transplant treatments, which helped so many people to find a permanent solution for their hair loss and regain their natural hair style and self confidence.


Albert – 3300 hairs


Sylvain – 5500 hairs

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