Hair restoration at affordable prices

No more baldness! Make the first step today; get back your hair line and the density of your hair in a day! In the field of hair transplantation, our clinic is one of the leaders. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity!

hair transplant

Our specialists have achieved more than 2000 successful hair transplant surgeries so far. We had and have artists, media representatives, athletes and ordinary people as patients.

We offer the most advanced hair transplant method to our patients for a fraction of British prices! Read on to know more!


Actual hair transplant prices

Price of a hair transplant via the FUE Safe System method: 0.7 £ / hair (recommended method)

The above prices are indicative only! Our patients will receive a personalized treatment plan and price offer including all costs, following their consultation and the detailed analysis of their scalp. There are no hidden or extra costs at our clinic (medication or surgery room fees etc).

We offer packages containing accommodation, airport transfers, a meal at the clinic, medication. You only need to buy your plane ticket, and we organise the rest! To have a clear idea of the price, ask for a personalized quote!

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How to calculate the price of hair transplantation?

There is a difference between hair clinics speaking about the method by they count their prices. It is important to understand how they calculate their prices before you decide. Some clinics count by grafts, others by hairs. But what is the difference? How to understand your quote? Let us help you!

The first thing to know: a graft and a hair do not mean the same thing!


Graft or hair – what is the difference?

The word ‘hair’ is easy to understand for everyone, but the word ‘graft’ can cause some problems and misunderstandings. A graft is a follicular unit harvested by the doctor which can contain 1-3 hairs, that depends on the patient’s hair.

That’s why a quote based on grafts can’t give an exact price. Let’s count a little… You receive a quote that proposes you 1000 grafts for 2000 Ł. If you are unlucky and your grafts contain only 1 hair, you will pay 2000 Ł for 1000 hairs. If you are luckier and your grafts contain 3 hairs each, you will pay 2000 Ł for 3000 hairs. It’s clear that 1000 or 3000 hairs won’t give the same result!

We calculate our prices by hair, thus we can give you an exact quote. Our assistants count every harvested hair under a microscope, so we implant exactly the same amount of hair we indicated in your treatment plan.