Morgan received a quote containing 2800 hairs to cover the frontal zone of his head. At the clinic, we changed the treatment plan, because we wanted to cover and densify the vertex too. Let’s see a picture made before the intervention, but after the haircut at our partner hairdresser’s shop: 

before hair implantation surgery

We choosed the harvested follicles that can give the best natural result on the hairline. On the following picture you can see the result right after the procedure.

after hair transplant

Do you want to know his opinion on the services he received?

 “Perfect. Professional assistants and doctor, they are unbelievably nice!”

In the first 3 weeks following the surgery, the implanted hairs grow and the scalp heals totally. After the implanted hairs start to fall out, but in the 3rd month, they restart to grow back. 

3 weeks after hair transplant

The result is already very good, and it will become more and more dense as the time goes by. Check out this image made 3 months after the hair transplant!

3 months result after hair transplant fue

Morgan is very satisfied with the result, as he wrote us in his last email.


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