Our patient is young, so we can achieve a very good result. We implanted 4300 hairs in 2 days. Let’s take a look at his head before the hair restoration surgery:

Patient Hairpalace before surgery.

You can clearly see on the photo where he needed hairs. Here’s a picture we made right after the FUE operation. Take a look at the change we achieved on the frontal zone:

Patient of Hairpalace after the hair transplantation.

 We always ask our patients to tell us their opinions on our services. What did Loris say ?

“A great team! Thank you!”

If a patient can’t attend our follow-up consultations, he can send us some photos so that our doctor can see how the scalp heals. The first check-up is made 1 week after the treatment.

Result 1 week after hair restoration surgery.

3 weeks after the transplantation the new photos arrived at our clinic. Implanted hair will fall to give place to new hairs, but don’t be afraid, this is natural after a hair restoration surgery.

3 weeks after a hair restoration surgery.

Just look at this amazing result he have after 3 months ! And this is not the final result…

Result of a hair restoration at Hairpalace.

I made a before-after picture to facilitate the comparison :

Reference before-after hair restoration at Hairpalace.


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