natural hair transplant result in GlasgowTony

Number of hair transplants: 1
Number of transplanted hairs: 6000

Tony had a receding hairline that bothered him for years. With a 2-day a FUE2 hair transplant we restored his hairline – and the result speaks for itself!  

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There are a lot of things to consider before you proceed with a hair transplant in Glasgow.

As such, we would like to invite you to a free, no-obligation consultation with our hair transplant surgeons.

The assessment is vital to ensure that you are a suitable candidate and that the surgical hair restoration can provide the results you are looking for.

During the digital hair density and scalp examination, we assess the quality of your hair, the extent of your hair loss, and the condition of your scalp.

This allows us to create a treatment plan fitting your needs complete with an accurate quote.

The specialists will discuss what your expectations are and inform you about the procedure and the aftercare in depth.

The one-on-one, private consultation takes 20 minutes.

Advance reservation is necessary — you can book a suitable appointment with our colleagues on +44 20 7131 0229.

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How much will a hair transplant in Glasgow cost?

While surgical hair loss treatments offer permanent results, many believe that such procedures come at a high cost, deterring them from exploring their options.

The strength of this belief is not surprising with hair clinics in Scotland – and the rest of the UK – charging  £2-4 per hair.

Naturally, the total cost of the hair transplant in Glasgow will be affected by the size of the surgery, the method used, and the location too. 

Additionally, clinics may charge you for a more experienced doctor and aftercare visits separately.

We carry out FUE2 hair transplants in London, Paris and Budapest. Thanks to this network of clinics, we can take advantage of the economic differences between the UK, France and Hungary.

In London, our hair transplant prices range between £1989 to £9042, depending on the number of hairs you need.

However, offering the exact same service, on the same high standards, and following the identical protocols is less costly for us in Hungary, than in the UK.

We can pass on the difference to our patients – our prices in Budapest are between £1390 to £2590 for the same treatment.

Which hair transplant technique does HairPalace offer?

At HairPalace, we work with the FUE2, which is the most advanced and the least invasive method available.

Our doctors recommend this type of follicular unit extraction for the numerous benefits it offers for the patients.

Firstly, it uses a blunt micro-punch that minimizes the risk of damaging the roots as the doctors extract the hairs from the back of the head.

The healthy roots have better chances in anchoring in their new place, leading to an exceptional success rate with up to 90-95% of the implants growing out in a year after the surgery.

In addition, the micro-punch is less than 1 mm in diameter and features a blocking device. This results in a short recovery period, while the procedure doesn’t leave large, visible scars on the back of the head.

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Working with the finest hair transplant specialists in Glasgow

Though we use the most advanced technique available, it would be ineffective without the expertise of our hair transplant surgeons.

Our doctors have been perfecting their craft for 5-10 years and specialize in surgical hair restoration for male pattern hair loss.

They have the required skills and qualifications to provide you with excellent patient-focused care from start to finish, and the best hair transplant results in Glasgow!

Why should you choose HairPalace?

There is a lot to consider before you go ahead with the hair transplant in Glasgow.

What do we offer at our clinics?

  • A team of experienced hair transplant specialists

    A successful hair transplant requires refined skills. Our doctors have 5-10 years of experience in FUE transplants

  • Natural, dense results

    The surgeons implant the hairs one by one, following the density and the growth of the rest of your hair. This way, we can achieve dense and natural hair transplant results.

  • Written guarantee on your treatment

    At HairPalace, we guarantee the success of the hair transplants we perform. If less than 80% of the implants grow out, we reimplant the missing amount free of charge. 

  • No visible scarring at the back of the head

    With the FUE2 hair transplant method, the surgeons extract each graft one by one with a very fine micro punch. This leaves no visible, linear scars on the donor area at the back and the sides of the head.

  • Aftercare

    The result of the hair transplant is visible 12-15 months after the surgery.  We will monitor the healing and the progress of your hair through regular check-ups, so your surgeon can help you reach the best possible result.

  • Competitive prices

    We believe that great service and natural hair transplant results should not equal extortionate prices. 

Glasgow hair transplant reviews

We count ourselves lucky to have more and more patients who open up about their hair transplant with us on platforms such as Google, Facebook and Trustpilot.

Their accounts help us to ensure that we maintain our high standards and provide quality care from start to finish.

Get the inside story from patients who had their hair transplants with us!

Just an update folks after the 1 year…

Just an update folks after the 1 year mark…. happy with the results and returning for a 2nd treatment, The initial procedure was in May 18 and by around August when the hair had grew back again the results were very encouraging, unfortunately I didn’t just have one bald area as I was thin over the whole top of my head, so a 2nd procedure was essential to complement the initial procedure.

5 stars: Excellent stuartyp24 | Mar 21, 2019

I am now7 months into my hair..

I am now7 months into my hair transplant and the results are really starting to show, which I am happy with. After 4 months it seemed to just come out of nowhere and getting thicker month by month. Very happy so far, although still slightly thin when photos are taken, in person it’s hard to tell you were actually thin /bald before.

5 stars: Excellent Arron | Sep 25, 2017