Hair transplant abroad or in the UK? Pros and cons

Hair transplant abroad or in the UK? Pros and cons

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Hair transplant abroad

Hair loss and balding are daunting issues for men all around the world. Many of them give up or do not even start fighting hair loss, they put up with it instead. This is not a good attitude. Men who suffer from hair loss need to know that there is a modern and permanent solution for their problem and this solution is called hair restoration. There are several hair clinics to choose from but the patient needs to decide where to go to have a hair transplant surgery: at home or abroad. In the following, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of hair transplant abroad and in the United Kingdom.


There are several advantages of having a hair transplant abroad. One of the most significant is the price. Interestingly, you can save thousands of pounds if you choose your hair transplant clinic wisely. For instance, at our clinic in Hungary, the whole procedure costs approximately 60 less than in the UK. The relatively cheap price does not mean low quality. Our specialists are well-qualified, professional and experienced hair transplant surgeons and our clinic follows the latest EU standards. The other great advantage is related to language. Our colleagues have a good command of English. Furthermore, if needed, our clinic is prepared to provide professional interpreters and English speaking coordinators from the very beginning, so you do not have to be afraid of language problems and misunderstandings. If you live in the UK and you choose to have your hair transplant done abroad, at our clinic, you do not have to travel to Hungary before the surgery because we offer free consultation sessions every month in several cities in the UK, including London and Manchester.


Some patients think that the biggest disadvantage of having a hair transplant surgery abroad is that they have to travel to the destination country. They think that travelling is an extra burden, but this is not true. There are several flights from the UK to Hungary and the flight ticket does not cost much. Please, keep in mind that the booking of your flight ticket is your responsibility. However, you can find useful pieces of information, links etc. on our website. Another big concern for patients in the UK is that they cannot go back to check-ups but this is not a problem either. You can send photos, and our clinic offers check-ups and consultation in the UK several times every month where a specialist will examine the condition of the scalp and the transplanted hair. Many patients in the UK do not trust foreign specialists and think that these surgeons do not have proper qualifications. At our clinic, there is no such risk. All our surgeons are well-qualified, professional hair transplant specialists with several years of experience.


Our clinic uses the latest technology, called FUE SafeSystem that provides more opportunities to fight alopecia. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Service.