5 Hair Growth Myths you can Stop Believing

hair growth myths
  1. Pulling a grey hair from your head makes even more grow
  2. Regular trimming encourages your hair to grow faster
  3. Brushing your hair every day leads to faster growth
  4. Letting your hair go dirty makes it grow faster
  5. Air drying hair makes it grow faster

We all hear stories, tips and hints about hair growth, but should we believe all of them?

Not necessarily. While some will be true, others are sure to be totally inaccurate, though they keep being passed on from one person to another for years.

Still, despite how strange some of these ‘helpful’ tips may seem, people who are desperate to regrow their hair and restore its youthful volume might believe them.

This can lead to a lot of wasted time — and could potentially affect your hair’s health too.

Below, HairPalace’s expert team explores 5 hair growth myths you can finally stop believing.

Myth #1: Pulling a grey hair from your head makes even more grow

Have you ever plucked a grey hair out of your scalp only to have someone tell you you’ll make more grow?

It’s a common myth: pulling a grey strand out won’t actually prompt any more to develop.

While grey hair tends to suit men and women of any age, losing the natural colour you have been used to your entire life can be hard to accept.

You might be tempted to simply remove the first grey hairs when they start to appear, and pulling them out might seem like a reasonable choice. 

However, even though two or three hairs won’t grow in the removed hair’s place, there’s still a good reason you should stop taking them out by force.

Plucking hairs from your scalp will only place greater stress on the follicle, leading the hair that grows in its place to have a more coarse texture.

So, while you won’t cause a spread of new grey hairs to grow, you could end up with a more unsightly one instead.

Myth #2. Regular trimming encourages your hair to grow faster

If you get your hair cut on a regular basis just to make it grow quicker, you can cut down on the expense — it’s not worth the time or money you’re investing.

After all, haircuts don’t come cheap (unless you do it yourself or trust a friend / relative with a pair of scissors).

Trimming hairs doesn’t make them grow faster or thicker, though they will undoubtedly look better.

New hairs feature a pointed or tapered tip, and when this is cut it appears more blunt — and thicker.

Regular trims leave your hair looking healthier because there are less split ends and breakage, but it doesn’t actually prompt faster, better hair to grow.

Men and women who treat their hair to trims every few weeks or so will end up with shinier, sleeker locks, but it’s not the solution some people may think it is.

If you tend to leave months between cuts and feel concerned that your hair doesn’t look quite as thick as it used to, consider speaking to your stylist about arranging more regular trims at a discounted rate.

It’s unlikely they will charge you the price of a full cut just to take the ends off.

Myth #3: Brushing your hair every day leads to faster growth

This common myth could lead you to actually harm your hair rather than make it grow faster and better.

If you’ve gotten into the habit of brushing your hair more vigorously than you perhaps should to speed its growth, it’s best to stop now.

Brushing is good for your hair in small amounts because it causes the scalp’s natural oils to distribute better — but only to a point.

If you brush too much and too often, you may strip those same oils away.

As a result, you could end up with hair that’s too dry, frizzy or more likely to break.

There is no uniform, one-size-fits-all brushing routine though: the best brushing for your hair won’t be the same as for everyone else.

Brush your hair when it needs to be a little straighter or when you feel necessary.

Just avoid overdoing it.

Myth #4: Letting your hair go dirty makes it grow faster

Not a fan of showers? Like to leave your hair unwashed for days on end? Convinced this will make it grow faster?

Well, sadly, that’s not the case. Dirty hair doesn’t grow more quickly, and can actually lead to more dryness and breakages.

Natural oils, dust, dirt, pollution and dandruff can all build up on your scalp if you leave too long between washes.

So, how often should you wash your hair?

Everyone has their own preference, but anyone with dry hair should aim for no more than twice per week, while oily locks can be shampooed every day.

However, use a formula designed for your type of hair for best results.

Myth #5: Air drying hair makes it grow faster

Letting your hair dry naturally, with little more than air to warm it, is not a viable way to boost your hair growth.

However, it is better for your hair than overexposure to heating tools.

Using these too often will leave your hair dry and more likely to break, with a duller appearance.

While they’re fine to use in moderation, too much is a bad idea and can take a real toll over time.

If you tend to wash your hair in the morning and struggle to let it air dry, consider changing your routine.

Shampooing in the evening should make it easier to air dry your hair without rushing the process using heating tools.

Don’t let these 5 hair growth myths dictate how you treat your hair: as you can see, there’s very little (or no) truth in any of them.

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