Advantages of the FUE Safe System method

History of hair transplant and FUE procedure in an infographic.

1. FUE Safe System does not harm the hair follicles

The method is less invasive and the surgeon can harvest the follicles one by one, thus it does not harm the tissues.

2. No pain during the surgery

We do the surgery under local aneasthesia, so the patient does not feel pain during the intervention.

3. No visible scars

Thanks to the micro-punch used for the surgery, there will be no remaining scars after the procedure.

4. Natural and dense results

The final result is natural-looking scalp, full of hair. Moreover, the maximum density is also guaranteed!

5. Faster healing period

Recovery time decreases, and after 3-4 weeks the patient can return to their normal lives.

6. Permanent solution

The implanted hairs will never fall out, because the hairs growing on the back of the head are not sensible to DHT hormone which causes hair loss in most cases.