Today let’s see a patient who liked Hungary very much. If you take a look at the Norwood Scale, his baldness is classed as a Norwood 2-2A. He needed hair transplantation on the two sides, and he noticed that the bald spot was bigger on the right side than on the left side. On this picture you can see his head before the hair transplant surgery:

Patient HairPalace before hair transplant surgery.

 We covered these 2 areas with 2000 hairs in one day. The next picture shows patient’s head right after the surgery:

Patient after hair transplant.

 We ask our patients to send us the first control photos 1 week after the hair surgery. You can see that small crusts formed on the scalp, but those will disappear soon, in 1-2 weeks.

First check up 1 week after hair surgery.

3 weeks after the operation: the scalp is totally healed. 

3 weeks checkup after a hair transplant.

The 3rd month is a difficult period as the implanted hairs fall out, but after the follicular units start to produce new hairs that will cover the bald spots.

3 months check up after a hair transplant.

6 months passed since Emmanuel were at our hair clinic and the result is already visible. The bald spots on the 2 sides are smaller, and the density will be better and better.

Result of  6 months after hair replacement surgery.

As we were 1 year after the hair transplant, we asked Emmanuel to send us some pictures to see the final results.

Final result of a hair transplant at HairPalace.

To better see the difference between the first and the last picture, here’s a before-after photo:

Before and after photos of a hair transplant patient.


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