Hair transplant abroad or in the UK? Pros and cons

  • Hair transplant abroad

Hair transplant abroad Hair loss and balding are daunting issues for men all around the world. Many of them give up or do not even start fighting hair loss, they put up with it instead. This is not a good attitude. Men who suffer from […]

The 5 most common questions about hair transplant

  • 5 most common questions about hair transplant

Introduction Many people suffer from hair loss all around the world but thanks to the latest developments of technology in the field of cosmetic surgery, there are several ways to stop hair from falling and restore your crowning glory. There are websites on the Internet […]

Its only 1 year!

  • Just one year after hair transplant

Cosmetic surgery, especially hair restoration surgery has become increasingly popular during the past few decades and with the help of the latest techniques, hair transplant surgeons can achieve fabulous results with patients who suffer from balding and hair loss. There have been many discussions about […]

Let us introduce ourselves

Hairpalace is a Hungarian hair clinic specialized in performing high quality hair transplants using the best possible techniques presently available on this special market.