How Much Does The Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant Cost?

How Much Does The Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant Cost?


UK footballer Wayne Rooney underwent a hair transplantation surgery, mainly to address his balding scalp that had become a distraction to himself. Thanks to his initial announcement, many people have started getting hair transplant surgery to resolve their own hair loss problems.

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Is Hair Transplantation A Good Idea?

Wayne Rooney hair transplant cost

Hair transplantation, as mentioned, is a surgical procedure where a doctor creates hair grafts using healthy skin grafts and their corresponding hair follicles. These healthy donor grafts are harvested for follicles, later transplanted into the thinning or balding scalp area. The usual results depict the donated hair growing back thicker, giving the patient their desired result.

How much does the Wayne Rooney hair transplant cost? Many news outlets reported the procedure costing an estimated 10,000 GBP.


Why Does The Hair Transplantation Procedure Seem So Expensive?

Many clinics who will perform the hair transplantation procedure charge by graft, meaning the overall cost of the surgery gets determined by the amount of grafts used in the actual procedure. For many people, this means they may pay thousands in their home country, especially if their insurance provider won’t cover the costs of this cosmetic surgery procedure.

People can actually get lower hair transplant costs by getting the procedure performed in another country. As an example, people from the United Kingdom can avoid paying high prices by heading to Hungary for the surgery.


Hair Transplantation In Hungary: The Costs

Many hair transplantation clinics in Hungary, like elsewhere in the world, charge according to the amount of grafts/hairs used in the surgery. The most common surgical method used in hair transplantation is follicular unit extraction, a procedure depicting the insertion of clusters of hair follicles into the balding area of the scalp. In Hungary, you can expect to pay up to 2,100 Euros, which can cost about 1,900 GBP for 2000 hair follicles to be implanted with follicular unit extraction procedure.

In fact, the popularity from Rooney’s own surgery raised the amount of inquiries at medical clinics hosting doctors performing the procedure. Interest in hair transplantation surgery is now higher than it’s ever been before, so people want to know more about the surgery and its price.

Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!