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Cosmetic surgery, especially hair restoration surgery has become increasingly popular during the past few decades and with the help of the latest techniques, hair transplant surgeons can achieve fabulous results with patients who suffer from balding and hair loss. There have been many discussions about the advantages of hair transplant surgery and although it is considered to be the most reliable and permanent solution on the market, still there are many people who are afraid of hair restoration. There are many reasons for hesitation, for example, the patient thinks that the surgery is painful and the implanted hair will look unnatural, but the most common reason is that the result is not visible immediately. Patients need to wait but many of them do not even know for how long and this causes confusion. The good news is that after only one year, the implanted hair will grow naturally and will look and feel like the original. It is also important to note that the healing time can vary from patient to patient and depends on many factors, for example, the patients’ overall health and metabolism. After the surgery is done and there was no complication, it is essential to carefully […]

The Worst Advices We’ve Ever Heard About Hair Transplant

  • The Worst Advices We’ve Ever Heard About Hair Transplant

Healthy, shiny and strong hair has always been important for men. Strong hair is often considered to be the symbol of health and attractiveness. That is why it can be a huge shock for the person if hair loss and balding occur. Hair loss can cause the loss of self-confidence on the long run, which has a serious effect on the patients’ personality. However, fortunately, thanks to the improvements of modern technology, there is a solution for those who suffer from hair loss, and this solution is called hair transplant surgery. Many pieces of misinformation can be found on the internet about the procedure. In the following, some of the most common myths are going to be discussed with the aim of revealing the truth so that the patients can get an overview of hair transplantation. 1. Only millionaires and wealthy people can afford hair transplantation It is true that hair transplantation can be expensive but considering its effectiveness and self-esteem boosting features, the price is not high to pay. Also, there are a number of hair restoration clinics around the world so the patient can choose whatever option he likes. Interestingly, more and more people choose to travel to another […]

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Hairpalace is a Hungarian hair clinic specialized in performing high quality hair transplants using the best possible techniques presently available on this special market.

Before the big day- to do list and things to consider before hair transplant surgery

  It may be hard to accept but hair loss is not something you can avoid by concentrating very hard and by casting magic spells; unfortunately it concerns almost everyone and in many cases it can do a lot of damage to your look and more importantly to you confidence and self-esteem. However, if you feel like your life revolves around this problem and you cannot be happy knowing that your hair is disappearing, there are several different magic-like cures for hair loss. The only thing you have to do is to do a thorough research, consider all options, ask around and choose thebest solution for yourself. We are trying to help you in this process with giving some tips and advice you may find useful during your hair restoration journey. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   How to choose a technique/clinic/surgeon Hair clinics can be found in most countries of the world and major cities are full of hair restoration facilities so the choice is not as easy asin the old times when you only had to go in a wig shop and choose a pretty-looking hairpiece. Besides its location, there are obviously much […]

Cheap hair transplant services in the UK

  Hair loss has been a well-known problem for a long time among the men who live in the United Kingdom, but the amount of women who also suffer from the issue is an alarming sign. The specialists see the reason in the dramatically increased stress-levels that people have been exposed to in the recent years, while others state that the only real cause of hair loss is the genetic predisposition. The good news is there are more and more cheap hair transplant services available all over the United Kingdom for the unfortunate sufferers of hair loss. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   Increasing numbers According to the statistics more than seventy percent of the middle-aged male population suffers from the most common genetic type of hair loss called Male Pattern Baldness. Besides this alarming fact, more and more younger adults have some kind of milder hair loss issues, in which both men and women can be involved. The specialists say that the main cause of the phenomenon is the increased amount of stress that the everyday people have to face with. Bad working conditions and decreasing salaries are said to be the central causes […]

Hair transplant surgeries – photographic documentation

  Hair loss is one of the leading medical problems among the middle aged population and the urge to permanently cure the condition is stronger than ever. Since hair transplantation is the only medically proven way of restoring the balding scalp to its original dense, shiny state without any compromises, the popularity of these treatments are over the top these days. Photographic documentation of the procedures that have been performed by hair transplant surgeons helps a lot when someone is considering a hair restoring treatment. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   Different treatments for different cases The techniques of the procedures have greatly evolved over the past few years, when the field of hair restoration started to appear in the public knowledge. By these days, the treatments have become as natural as the other commonly available aesthetic surgeries. The photographically proven successful results also contribute to this rapidly growing popularity around world. As a result of the increasing numbers of skilled doctors in the field, the restored scalp can be as natural-looking as the healthiest, most organic hair. There are two surgical techniques one should know about when considering a hair transplant procedure. The most […]

A hair transplant center to help you with hair restoration

  Although hair loss and baldness are evil pranks of Nature that we cannot really explain and do not really make any sense, we have to accept that it affects almost everybody and there is nothing to do about it. Or is there? Those who would rather not accept this option can fortunately choose from many treatments that can help to take revenge on Nature and restore the lost hair and confidence; hair transplant centres around the world are all happy to help you in this battle. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   Centres welcome every single patient Hair loss has become a world-wide problem, thanks to our rushing and stressful lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, among many other factors. However, some very smart experts have come up with several solutions for this issue during the last few decades. Among them, hair transplantation is the most popular and most effective cure for baldness and it makes the lives of millions better. Hair transplantation is the most natural way of hair restoration since during this procedure the hair is simply relocated from the back of the scalp to the front area of the head. The more […]