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  Hairpalace is a Hungarian hair clinic specialized in performing high quality hair transplants using the best possible techniques presently available on this special market. Our doctors are masters of their profession and the assistance staff makes sure that our patients feel comfortable and safe all along the operation. By providing additional services such as food, refreshments and entertainment we want to create the atmosphere of a wellness center rather than a hospital. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   Some words about our clinic Our clinic is located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, near to the city center in an exclusive area with picturesque view to the Danube River. The facility is furnished with the most modern high standard equipment, which guarantees comfort and fast, professional work at the same time. The modern machines allow our doctors to perform a thorough work quickly reducing the operation time to the minimum. A high percent of our patients comes from the Western countries of Europe as here they can find excellent services in a luxury environment at reasonable prices. In order to maintain a continuous smooth communication with our foreign patients we employ a permanent interpreting […]

Before the big day- to do list and things to consider before hair transplant surgery

  It may be hard to accept but hair loss is not something you can avoid by concentrating very hard and by casting magic spells; unfortunately it concerns almost everyone and in many cases it can do a lot of damage to your look and more importantly to you confidence and self-esteem. However, if you feel like your life revolves around this problem and you cannot be happy knowing that your hair is disappearing, there are several different magic-like cures for hair loss. The only thing you have to do is to do a thorough research, consider all options, ask around and choose thebest solution for yourself. We are trying to help you in this process with giving some tips and advice you may find useful during your hair restoration journey. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   How to choose a technique/clinic/surgeon Hair clinics can be found in most countries of the world and major cities are full of hair restoration facilities so the choice is not as easy asin the old times when you only had to go in a wig shop and choose a pretty-looking hairpiece. Besides its location, there are obviously much […]

Cheap hair transplant services in the UK

  Hair loss has been a well-known problem for a long time among the men who live in the United Kingdom, but the amount of women who also suffer from the issue is an alarming sign. The specialists see the reason in the dramatically increased stress-levels that people have been exposed to in the recent years, while others state that the only real cause of hair loss is the genetic predisposition. The good news is there are more and more cheap hair transplant services available all over the United Kingdom for the unfortunate sufferers of hair loss. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   Increasing numbers According to the statistics more than seventy percent of the middle-aged male population suffers from the most common genetic type of hair loss called Male Pattern Baldness. Besides this alarming fact, more and more younger adults have some kind of milder hair loss issues, in which both men and women can be involved. The specialists say that the main cause of the phenomenon is the increased amount of stress that the everyday people have to face with. Bad working conditions and decreasing salaries are said to be the central causes […]

Hair transplant surgeries – photographic documentation

  Hair loss is one of the leading medical problems among the middle aged population and the urge to permanently cure the condition is stronger than ever. Since hair transplantation is the only medically proven way of restoring the balding scalp to its original dense, shiny state without any compromises, the popularity of these treatments are over the top these days. Photographic documentation of the procedures that have been performed by hair transplant surgeons helps a lot when someone is considering a hair restoring treatment. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   Different treatments for different cases The techniques of the procedures have greatly evolved over the past few years, when the field of hair restoration started to appear in the public knowledge. By these days, the treatments have become as natural as the other commonly available aesthetic surgeries. The photographically proven successful results also contribute to this rapidly growing popularity around world. As a result of the increasing numbers of skilled doctors in the field, the restored scalp can be as natural-looking as the healthiest, most organic hair. There are two surgical techniques one should know about when considering a hair transplant procedure. The most […]

A hair transplant center to help you with hair restoration

  Although hair loss and baldness are evil pranks of Nature that we cannot really explain and do not really make any sense, we have to accept that it affects almost everybody and there is nothing to do about it. Or is there? Those who would rather not accept this option can fortunately choose from many treatments that can help to take revenge on Nature and restore the lost hair and confidence; hair transplant centres around the world are all happy to help you in this battle. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   Centres welcome every single patient Hair loss has become a world-wide problem, thanks to our rushing and stressful lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, among many other factors. However, some very smart experts have come up with several solutions for this issue during the last few decades. Among them, hair transplantation is the most popular and most effective cure for baldness and it makes the lives of millions better. Hair transplantation is the most natural way of hair restoration since during this procedure the hair is simply relocated from the back of the scalp to the front area of the head. The more […]

Hair transplant photos: before and after

  When the people who suffer from long-term hair loss start considering hair transplantation, the most effective way of gaining knowledge about the procedure is to search for before and after pictures of previous treatments. A photo tells more than a thousand words as they say, which is also true in this case. Asking for before and after photos from hair transplant centers is a good way to review the skill of each clinic before making the ultimate decision and settling on your final choice. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   The way of improvement Receiving a hair transplant treatment has become an everyday procedure by these days just like any other popular cosmetic treatment. The urge to perfect our looks and improve our appearance is stronger than ever due to the permanent pressure we are getting from the media. Good personal impression can be the winning ticket in many fields of life, including job interviews or business success. The most implicit way of impressing people is to have a pleasant overall appearance, which is the reason why many people choose to have an aesthetic surgery today. These treatments help people gain more confidence in […]

To dos and not to dos after the hair transplant

  Hair transplant is normally a not too invasive one-day surgery. The patient arrives in the clinic early in the morning and the morning hours are used for carrying out the harvesting procedure followed by a lunch. The implantation of the harvested grafts takes place in the afternoon. The length of the procedure depends on the number of grafts to be implanted, but the operation comes to an end normally by 18 o’clock PM and the patient may leave the clinic right after the operation. Having spent all this time in complete convenience calmly the patient may think that the entire procedure is over. However, the transplanted follicles start their new life only after the hair transplant. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   How to make sure that the transplanted hairs survive? Although being the most important part, the above described treatment is just the beginning of a long procedure. The surgery is done but for a long time the patient has to be very cautious and mindful in his/her conduct. The first week following the operation is of critical importance. In this period the transplanted follicles are still vulnerable, they need time to get […]

Cheap hair transplantation treatments in the UK

  Since hair transplantation treatments became available for the public, more and more hair replacement centers have opened their doors with competing prices and services. The growing numbers of skillful physicians and the evolution of the technical apparatus made the dream come true: hair loss is no more a permanent medical state. The following article sums up the available options regarding the affordable hair restoration treatments that can be found in the United Kingdom.   Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   No more hair loss Hair loss could be a real drag in the past for the average middle-aged men who suffered from its typical signs, such as the receding forehead and the thinning of the crown area of their scalp. In more severe cases, hair loss could even lead to a decrease in self-confidence and self-esteem, especially when the balding starts at an earlier age, which is not uncommon. According to the statistics male pattern baldness involves about 70% of men including high numbers of those in their early twenties. Wearing hats and wigs to cover the issue is no more the only available option to fight baldness. Hair transplantation has become available for the […]

The approximate costs of a hair restoration surgery

  We are living in the golden age of aesthetic treatments, where it is not impossible anymore to transform our looks and appearance into something better and more attractive. These treatments however are usually far from being affordable for the everyday people, which is not the case with hair restoration surgery. Hair transplantation procedures have become the most popular treatments for hair loss problems, thanks to their outstanding results and the relatively low costs in comparison with the other aesthetic surgeries. Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   Receiving a hair transplant treatment The first and most important step before applying for a hair restoration treatment is to choose the right clinic for the procedure. Since the decision will be made for a lifetime, it is highly recommended to review as many clinics as possible in order to be able to make the best judgment. There are so many hair restoration centers around the UK and Europe that it can be hard to settle on one; therefore it is important to gather plenty of information and personal experiences. There are also many great official sites and forums where you can ask for directions and recommendations while […]

Surgical and non-surgical hair replacement systems

  Hair loss is a complicated problem that has always been a struggle for the middle-aged men and woman who suffer from it. There are many available methods to combat hair loss in our age, including the traditional non-surgical techniques, like hair extensions and wigs, and the most effective surgical hair transplantation procedures. The following summary compares the surgical and non-surgical hair replacement systems by their short and long-term effectiveness.   Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!   Non-surgical hair replacement systems The easiest way of making the balding spots less apparent on the scalp is through the usage of various hair extensions and wigs which have always been a popular method among balding people. Professional hair systems are made of two main components: a base and a hair-part. The base is the part which is in direct contact with the scalp and the hair is tied or injected to the base. Every wig or hair system follows this basic construction; the difference is rather in the materials that are used in the components. A base can be made of polyurethane or lace, whereas the hair can be either human hair or the synthetic reproduction of […]